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Separation, Connection

Separation and connection

Desperation dedication inspiration.

When someone we love leaves us

We cannot find the bus

to follow

life is hollow

Dreams are dashed

and hope is bashed

Then connection and dedication

Re-creation harmonisation

All help us to know

in this hour we grow

we learn that there is no need to yearn

for life is always joined

and love is always here

so open up your ear.

Listen to that universal beat

That is life in every street


Expectation is desperation and there is no inner connection.

To the you

The new

The light of tomorrow

Were love banishes sorrow.

Take your time

See the line

Where nature shows you the trail

And lifts the vail

Of mysteries and histories

That open up the way

For today

In the letting go

You learn that you always know

And so you find your own seeds to sew

And grow.

Love and light Demici

Copyright @ Demici 22/01/2016 13:22


When did the loneliness start?

When I broke my heart

What do you want to understand?

What do you need to know?

How loneliness grows

Slowly one step at a time

Till slowly I am on the line

Stuck in a rut and on my own

No one can see as I see

No one can be as I can be

We the world and I

Sit in solitude and cry

People all around

Is when I have found

I am all alone

When I my individuality hone

Did it start the day you left?

Did it start the day I sat on my own

No one of these

But now I see.

That I am never alone.

My mind is my home

My being is my life


Copyright @ Demici. 21 December 2014 at 1:52am


Remember the Day

Remember the day when the meadow sang

Remember the day we danced by the mill

Remember the way to say I love you still

When the stars shine you will be mine

When the wind blows you always know

I am here by your side in the dead of the night

When your mind is in turmoil you are full of fright

It is only my wanting to be with you my dear

I’m only a wish away so wipe your tear

Come to the meadow and sit by the mill

Listen to the song of the cuckoo over the hill

Sit in the old wooden rocking chair

And know that I am always there.

Hold a fancy in your mind

Create what is there and unwind

Walk in your heart at the end of the day

Then my child you have found your way

Copyright @ Demici.  14/04/2014  At 02:20

A channelled poem that was finished off today 14/04/2014  At 02:20

Judge Self.

Judge self not others.

Dream a dream

Dare to win

Know yourself

Let you off the shelf

Dream to be

Dare to see

The human beauty of the one called me

Wish the wish

Let the time release the myth

For when the link is made

The is no price to be paid

When you walk in love

Your will stands as your guide

When you walk in fear

Others in their grip hold you near

So all the world contracts

To their chilling blasts

Take heed and live your life under your own seed

Demici@ Wednesday, 23 November 2011 at 14:19

Where Eagles fly

Where Egals Fly.

In the forest beneath the trees

There I sit at my ease

Looking up into the clear blue sky



asking why

Do Egals fly up in the sky so high

Finding a mound of tussocked grass

I find the answer here at last.

Open your eyes

see no disguse

see now my dear how Egals fly

They turn to the wind and spread the wing

then let the brease help them to swing

over and under the current at ease

they swim in the world that is full of ease.

Now child I say to you this day you can live your life this way

open your mind and let it see

the way the day moves in the ease of me

let your self choose the way to be

and then let the univers sit in the tree

admire the view and the golden hew

let your mind absorb all that is new

watch all the people walk idelly by

and then let your memory make shure we never die.

Some times a thing spoken in jest

you just cant get off your chest

sometimes something that is just in passing

is the thing that is so suprising

let be your joy from me.