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Meditation to relax and visit the hall of light for healing self and the world.

If you are comfortable please breath: gently and let your body relax. As you relax let all worry fear hurt leave your body let each muscle relax and let the thoughts come and go.  Notice your breathing in and out feel the air as it enters your lungs and as it leaves your lungs.  See and feel the rhythm as a thought builds in your mind watch it, listen to it and let it go.  It is not important at this time.  If it is it will return when it is the right time.  Feel the love in your heart with each breath and feel that joy building up inside you.  As you know that you are loved, you know you have a right to life and that life is a road.  That road is steep at times, flat at other times.  Passes over difficult to walk land in places, it loses its way in others, but then you look up and you see the way open.   This is just a time of passing through the water of life.  You walk forward you feel the ground beneath your feet solid and true you feel the strength from the ground as you know you are walking in the path of your life in the direction of love. feel the love flow into you and around you know all will be well now.  As you walk along you meet a guide who holds out their hand.  There is something in their hand that you need for your own life path, accept it and put it in your pocket.  Now we walk to the mountain of love to the hall of light.  The path is full of people all going too, they also ask for love.  As we pass the bridge into the wood listen to the water as it flows in unison with our heart beat.  Feel the cool comfort of the wood.  Listen can you hear what the trees tell you?  Look for the little animals and the flowers that scamper and grow on the floor of the wood.   Now breath in the light as you find the valley of love and life.  Find the waterfall and climb the steps that go up behind the waterfall.  Look through the curtain of water and see the day in all its beauty.  See the world bathed in sunlight.  Turn and walk through the crystal arch into the hall of love and light.  Listen to the song of angels, let all your own fear requests fall on to the slate that the angel gave you.   Name all those who are in need and you worry about.  Now watch the light lines of healing going out to the world.  Know you are no longer the creator of the healing that will happen.  It was your request that was needed. Know that what will be, will be.  As you turn back to the crystal archway, Back to the waterfall fill your cup with the water from the waterfall and drink. Fill your flask for the time you will need it before you come back here.  Now back down the stair case and back to the wood.  Over the bridge, back to the world you live in, to the reality of the day.  Breath: and become aware of your body at peace within itself ready to meet what is to be.  Know that there is peace and in joy with the world.  Stretch your arms, wiggle your toes, stretch your body, wiggle your fingers and roll your neck.  Now as you are back say thank you to the universe for its help.

Now I suggest you write down the gift that you were given.  Ask your guide to help you know what that gift is for.  Date it and make it part of your journal.  Love and light

Copyright @ Demici 15 September 2015

Healing letting go

Hallow this is Demici again

Find yourself a nice piece of nice gentle music.

Sit down and give yourself 10 minutes of peace and quiet.

Listen to the music and just let things happen accept the healing that is being sent to you at this time.

Let the guides and spirit healers do their work. By just letting go of all of life’s troubles, in every in breath take in the love the light and the healing and in every out breath let everything fall away.  Let your mind take over and take you to where you need to go, and let the feeling of love fill you with joy. Let the tears flow as this happens.  And feel the joy of love fill you and replace that which is causing the pain, the worry, the fears the lost feelings.  Breath in the light let go of all that which is not with you.  Let joy and love fill your whole being with the light of the universe.  Now let that joy and the love flow over, through you, in you and let the angelic and the elemental do their work.

Clearing all channels so light can flow in that special way that it needs to flow for you. Breathe in breath out and when you are full of this light and it overflows clearing and bringing light start to send it out to the world.

As you let go this powerful light in the form of the high notes and the low notes of the music let this love energy flow and spread out across the world.

Ask at this time for all the places in the world that you know needs healing.  All the lost, lonely, frightened, hungry, homeless people of the world.  All the rich, greedy, selfish peoples of the world watch as each one receives that love in their own light and know you were listened to.  Watch that cloud of mistrust, fear, lost be replaced by hope that lifts and replaces with a light feeling of wonder and joy.  Watch as those who are alone find a place where they are never alone again.  Those in pain find the level of energy where they are never in such pain again.  Those who are worrying about others watch as the light lifts this worry and goes to the ones who they are thinking about that they are thinking about that need this light.

For self we let go of the pain of worry for others.  We let go of the fears that you might have for others.  We stand fully in the light for our own being.

This is time for you my friend as the spirit/healing light workers elements work on your being. Know that the work you have been doing as a healer as a light worker is coming to an end and the time to rest in now upon us.  The new wave of joy will lift our light as we absorb the energy of the meteorites that brought the substance of light with them and sent the energy to clear all and lift all.  Feel all pain of exhaustion wash away and let the light of your own home star fill you with the love you need right now.

Feel it wash through you and around you taking it to the centre of the earth and letting the energy connect you to this earth/this life that is full of love and healing and joy.  So you are connected to your home star and to the universe of love.

If you want to cry let your soul cry it needs to heal.  It has learnt a lesson that it needed to learn and needs your permission to let it’s self be loved and for you to love it at every level of your being.

It needs the joy of love from the beings of light, the elements and the fairy realm.  Know you are you and you are a child of light and when darkness fills your energy it can’t fly to the night light burners who are flying round your soul and filling it with light.  Say thank you to these fire flies and the other children of light who bring you joy and light to lift you out of the night.  Now feel the joy in your spirit and your soul connecting with each other.  Feel the love of your spirit making you strong.  Feel the joy of your soul as it lifts it’s self with your light.  Now let both your spirit and your soul fill your physical body with the love that it needs to function.  To clear, to let go: of all pain, all worries.  Let the love that is yours be within you and around you protecting, projecting and helping you, ALL THE TIME, It doesn’t switch on and it doesn’t switch off it’s yours there your birth right all the time.  There is no end to this love energy it just glows and grows as you let it flow into your life.  There are no doors that are closed to you except the ones that you’ve once been walked through and are not to be re-opened for they are the ones full of the things that are already learnt and understood.  Try the other doors that stand in your way.  They will open.  Walk through one of them and enjoy the journey to discover and learn and be.  These doors require your presence and your attention.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow will come and now is all you have. Now is all you have to hold onto! It’s safe! Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with now and care for now.  As it will be your guide for the rest of your life.  As it is the task of now to lead you forward guide you and to hold yourself.  So hold on to now!  Not tomorrow not yesterday but now!

Taste it! See now, Feel now, Know it in all its forms and let it grow you.  Let it be as it is. Giving you peace happiness and joy. Let this peace be with you always child of light.

Massage from the elementals and the angels

They are your guides for life and walk among you always with love, hope and joy.

My name is the wind, my light is the sun, my clear light is the moon.  I am your creator star that holds you with love.  I am the water you drink and the earth you walk on.  I am your love.  I am not named for I am now.  This moment and I am your own self, the everything that is.  The everything that will be! The everything that was and the everything you want it to be.  Use me well my children for I am as fragile as you.  You call me light I come when I am called and I come with joy.  I carry the ying and the yang and I blow away your cobwebs on a summer day.  Breath feel know I am the dark of your light and I permeate balance when you listen and call me.  I am the energy of your life and my will is to clear and refill and feed your being with love.  Be gentle sweet child to you live in joy sweet child for you the creator made you as you are a shining beautiful star and I am your now let us begin walk this way my friend I love you.

Love and light Demici.

copyright @ Demici 17/Aug/2015

Question : How does one raise their vibration?

Today a wonderful question was asked in a chat on Facebook

How does one raise their vibration?

Good Question.

Live a life of knowing you, warts and all. Sharing with others what you can and making your and their space as comfortable as you can. That does not mean you making their rules for life, but you accept that they make their own choices and live the consequences that their actions take them to.

At the same time you do not live in their choices you also make your own. To do this you learn you. You learn and know what you think you need and take the bull by the horns and be ready for the consequences that come your way. Each choice leads to consequence, each consequence leads to an emotional reaction. It is in that emotional reaction that you learn about you. In that emotional reaction you choose, at that point to take the negative way or the positive way.

The positive is the way that feels right and good and the feeling of joy and continues and grows, or the negative way if you choose that. Has that initial blast of ‘wow this is good’ but the feeling does not last it eats away at you and your doubts grow as the warm thrill feeling falls away.

Now is the time to choose again! And let go! Choosing a different action and accepting a different consequence through a different set of emotions or even the same helps you to learn.

By feeling we can understand. By feeling we can make a choice. By feeling we judge.  Be sure you judge only yourself. Be sure you judge only using a balance of what you know will make space between you and other people comfortable.  And then you can achieve a feeling of ‘wha this is beautiful!’ and by feeling you can understand and by feeling you can make a choice.

By feeling and growing and judging you ask ‘did I grow, did I glow?’  Now you know that, that wonderful glow and growing is lifting your vibration through making, what is for you, good choices.   Now you’ll find that answer that you seek.

But the thing is to lift your vibration takes a whole long journey, all your life.  And there will be times when you make a wrong choice.  In making that wrong choice you get that ‘whoof’ feeling so make another.  And in making a right choice you get that ‘Whoo’.  So make another but use that same feeling and in that growing there is a knowing and in that knowing you pass that on because it is your heart that you speak from.

That is my answer to how does one raise their vibration.  To know you my darling, to love you and to judge only you and to be strong in your knowledge of who you are.  Enjoy the discovery.  Because my feeling from the person that asked this question.  Is that their vibration is raised anyway.  It oscillates at the level that your physical body needs at that physical time.  Your mental capacity is to understand, and in that understanding you let go.  And that is how you raise your vibration.

Love and light Demici

copyright @ Demici 30 July 2015

Visit home to heal self and send healing to the earth.

Before  you start this mediation please put aside at least 30 minutes but longer if you think you will need it.  Remember you can stop and start this sound file when ever you want to.  The music playing in the back ground is called Merliln’s Magic.  You may like to have a drink of water handy too for when you come out of the relaxed state of meditation.

Breath in and out and let the high notes of the music lift you.  Let the low notes take all that is not needed away.  Feel the flow of energy washing through you and into ever cell of your being.  Let it flood every cell in your being with healing light.  As it lights up the new and the needed parts of your being it turns off and washes away all that is not needed.  Feel the joy and let the pain of all flow away.

You find yourself in a garden that you have been in many times before.  You see the one who will accompany you on this journey to the stars.  You embrace and share energy and thoughts with this being of light and love.  Ask as many questions you have of this being.  Take your time and know the answers will stay with you.

Now you are shown a door way.  You open it and walk through it.  You enter an elevator that takes you high up to the star of your home.  As you step out of the elevator you are greeted by those who you love and who love you.  This place is the most peaceful place you have ever been to.  You feel at home here.  Absorb this feeling and let yourself know this is true home for you. It is where you were born a star seed many, many ages ago.  Your friends show you a monitor screen.  They give you food and drink.  You sit in a wonderful chair and watch the pictures that are playing on the monitor screen.  As you watch you see your own life journey flow past.  Not just this one but many life journeys and you see the pattern of growth.  This is your growth over many life times and you can now see the lessons that are learnt and the ones that are given but not understood yet.  Watch, know, feel, let go.  With every high note feel the love shining with every low note let go of all past and present feelings of emotions and pain that are no more needed.

As the video of your whole life being comes to an end.  Your friends come and show you their temple of light.  The place you were first taken to before you set off to visit the universe and come to this life.  You find your place with these beings of light and join as they send the light to the universe and to the Earth.  Watch as their healing requests join the light of the moon, the stars and the sun.  Watch as this light flows with the cosmic winds and through the atmosphere of the earth.  It passes through the clouds.  See it flow into everything here, all the animals, the people, the mountains, the seas, the land.  Watch it go deep, deep into the middle of the earth healing everything that it touches.  Now as you watch the friends say time to return to your life and your world.  You enter the elevator and find that you are back in the garden.  Say goodbye to the guide who went and came back with you.  Feel your senses return to your body and physical conscious mind, knowing you have been healed, knowing that you are safe warm and fully in your consciousness.  Wiggle your fingers and toes and take a sip of water if you have some.  Know you can go back there anytime you want to.

Love and light Demici

this recoding has music playing in the background.

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The tape has not music playing in the back ground.

Meditation. Journey to the Temple of light for healing all.

To follow this meditation you need 20 minutes where you will not be disturbed.  A glass of water to help you when you finish your meditation.  A pad and pen to write down what you want to record from your journey.  As always you can stop and start this sound file when ever you want to so you can take longer if you want to.  Have fun Love Demici.

Journey to the Temple of light for healing all.

Feet on the floor

As for the healing ray to be sent to you

As you breath in the light

Let the thoughts in and out

take no notice of them

if you are listening to music

let the low notes of the music fill you joy

let the high notes of the music fill you with light

give your thoughts to the light

see yourself in the garden of love

this is your place

here you meet your guides

today we are meeting our healing guide

breath in the light

it is a wonderful day

warm but not hot

the blue sky has small fluffy clouds floating across it

the birds are singing and the insects are just chattering

you notice the wonderful vibration

the colours of the flowers

as you breath in the air you breath in their wonderful fragrance

the scent of the garden  fills you with peace

the peace you have been seeking

know you will always find this peace in this place

you find a place to sit

and your guide comes to sit next to you

you feel their joy at being with you

as you give them your joy at seeing them and knowing they came back to talk to you

your talk for a moment or two like long lost friends

and share your love for each other

it is time to make the pilgrimage to the hall of light

you go to the garden gate together

and take the road to the temple of light

you walk with many pilgrims who walk this path to the temple with you

there is only joy in the voices of the people

all are full of love as you walk down the road past the meadow full of flowers and crops

you come to a little bridge at the entrance of a wood

and cross the bridge

as you cross you look at the water

it is flowing choppy and full of white foam

you pass into the wood

where the air is cooler

here the sun shines through the tree’s leaves

and there are small animals scampering around

among the little flowers that hold their heads up high to catch the sun shine

breath in all this wonderful energy it is cool safe and clearing away all doubt

now you come to the valley of life and light

here the sun and moon can be seen in the sky

the grass is green and bright

the valley is long and the sides are covered by close cut grass that is tended well

there is a lake that flows the full length of the valley up to a waterfall at the far end

you walk swim or fly  to the waterfall

you find the staircase that is behind the waterfall

you walk up the staircase to the top

look out through the water flow

all kinds of animals are making their way to the lake edge to drink

small ones being let in to the front by the large ones

so many birds in the sky all dipping and swoop to the water to drink

peace fills your heart and mind as you turn to the guide who hands you a flask and a cup

fill the flask with the water from the waterfall

and hang it on your belt to hang from your waist

so you can sip at any time till you come here again

now you fill you cup and drink the water of life

you need to do this several times

drink your fill and take your time

then hang the cup with the flask to your belt

the guardian of the water hands you a slate and some chalk

you enter the hall of light through a crystal archway

as you pass through the archway you feel the vibration of the crystals

as they  heal and fill you with their light

the energy in the hall of light is the most pure light energy that you have ever felt

the hall is full of many guides pilgrims and angels

this place is open to the sky

as you look up you see all the stars at once

and all the heavenly bodies are sending their light energies to you

absorb it

when you look back to the people in the room

they are forming a long line and each holding a slate that is full of names

you can join this line and put any names of people who you know need healing on your slate

as you walk in this line breath and accept the love in this place

its your own guide who is holding you hand and guiding you

give the slate with your requests on it to the angle who comes to take it

as they take the slate they touch you shoulder

and smile at you

the energy in this smile lifts your heart

you know all will be as it should be

so you can let go of all worries at this time

know that you do your best and this is all that is expected of you

the angel seems to whisper that to you

as you hand over all your needs to the angle you know all will be taken care of.

as you watch you see the angel place your slate in the ever lasting fire of requests

there are sparks flying from the flames and you watch

they fly out to the world

pick a spark and follow it to the place it lands

see how it brightens up all around it clearly healing and letting in love to all around

to the ones you have asked for.

now you know you can let go your worries

it is now time to return to your life in your own physical self

you start your journey back by thanking the angels

and walking back through the crystal arch

the crystals vibrate in a more gentle way this time

as you pass them

know they are vibrating at a level that is in tune with your needs

say thank you to the guardian of the water as you start to climb down the staircase behind the water fall

it is night now in the valley

all the animals have gone

the moon sends her silver light across the water.

you feel the peace as you return to the place where you entered the wood

dawn is beginning and the wood is full of joy and peace

and you cross the bridge

and as you cross you look at the water

it is running clear and smooth and free

you know somehow all will be well in your life

you can see the sand at the river bed

and now as daylight falls the day begins

you find your way back up the path to your garden

you say thank you to your guide as they walk away.

you begin to feel the energy in your  hands toes and fingers returning

wiggle them move your body stretch slowly there is not hurry

take a sip of your water take your time

and when you feel back to your normal self

say ‘may the blessing of light  always be with me and may we always have wonderful a day night’

take care and know you are loved


12.45 minutes run time.

Clearing an empath of sticky energy

When you are clearing an empath of sticky energy.

You have to remember empaths are empaths because they feel the world through their aura and they need your help as a healer because they have either over filled their aura with the junk of the world and they can’t or have not disposed of it naturally as they are programmed to do.  Or they have mentally/spiritually let the junk into their own being so that they register it as debilitating in some way.  Or they have expanded their aura out so far they have difficulty bring it in.

To clear the junk from your own or someone else’s Aura follow this short exercise till the energy is flowing free and easy.

Feel the downward flow of the universal energy and the upwards flow of mother earth energy flowing in you and around you.  If you see the energy and you see colours watch the colours and feel how they impact on you.

  1. First red flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura.
  2. Second orange again flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch till it has joined the red energy
  3. Third yellow flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch  till it has joined the red and orange energy
  4. Forth green flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch till it has joined the red, orange and yellow energy.
  5. Fifth blue flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch till it has joined the red, orange, yellow and green energy.
  6. Sixth indigo flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch till it has joined the red, orange, yellow, green and blue energy.
  7. Seventh violet flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch till it has joined the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo energy.

While you watch and feel you will have noticed that the colours were deep near the body and lighter towards the outer edges of the aura, you will have seen every shade of each colour during this exercise this is natural and the way it should be.

Now see the clear light of the universe and the warm deep rich colours of the earth meeting above the head, forming a shower that contains all the elements of all the colours of the rain bow and your chakras.  Let it rain over you and wash away all gunk.  Watch as a river of dark sticky substance flows from your feet into a pool of energy that is absorbed by mother earth.  Watch and keep this flow till all that dark sticky thick energy has flowed away into the earth.

Now you should feel lighter and easier in your mind and body.

As the energy shower slows its flow and the deep colour stops leaving you.  It is time to pull your aura in.  How you do this is to just think aura in to no more than 6 inches around me.  You will see a bubble of light of all the colours of the rain bow form around you.  Now just let your mind know you are fully grounded and clear of all that is not yours.

This energy can be done at the end of every day.

  1. When you return home from a place where you felt uncomfortable.
  2. After you have had any sad news or an argument with someone.
  3. When you have had a visitor in the house who has left their energy or part of it in your aura.

Thank you for listening and I do so hope this exercise is useful to you.

Love and light Demici

Copy right @ Demici June 8th 2015.

Connecting to the universal life force energy and connecting to the ground energy to strengthen your own energy.

In this exercise we will consciously connect to our cord of life.

This cord is constantly there and always has been but until you opened up to using the energy in the way you use it.  Only your spirit self knew it was there and it fed your mental self which passed the energy to your physical self at the full unconscious level of your being.

Ok make sure you will not be disturbed and that you have plenty of time to follow these instructions.  Have a drink of water handy and do not lie down to do this exercise.

In your mind reach up to the middle of the universe and find a star there with a pulsating energy that feels very very familiar to you.

Now pull that energy down into your whole being and let it flush out any and all pain and unneeded energy.  Feel this universal energy feeding every cell in your body as it goes down into the middle of the Earth.

At the same time let your feet send out roots like tree roots to the crystal that is the middle of the earth.  The light energy from the universe will follow down to this crystal and remove all pain and unwanted energy as it moves in this way.

Now feel the energy from the crystal that is the middle of the earth as it flow up your legs and your body following the same path that the universal energy took on its way down.  The earth energy also clears and feed every cell in your body giving you a feeling of being warm and safe and full of love and light.

Now watch this earth energy flow up to the star where the universal energy is coming from. Watch the two energies flow like the DNA string making a rope structure that consist of the two energies twisted together.  They will look and feel like a very fat cable.

Now see yourself being absorbed into this very wide cable of light.  You are inside this energy and it is flowing clearing and feeding you with the love that only can come from these two energies connecting you to the Universe and to the Earth.

Now feel a shower of energy washing your aura and clearing all that is not yours,

filling you with light and balance.

As you watch you become a bead on this light rope/cable/string.  You can now slide up and down this cable of light till you feel balanced, safe, loved and grounded.  At the same time you feel your own physical energy being connected to your own light energy.  Know you are now connected to the earth and the universe and this is permeant.  To open up and work as you do you can slide up this energy conductor.  To close down you can slide down this energy conductor till you feel balanced and connected to your physical life. Take your time doing this it will take several times for you to get the full feeling of being balanced. This is because each and every one of us vibrates at a different frequency so you have to find your own balance.  Please play with sliding up and down till you are happy with the way you feel.

There are more of these types of exercise to follow.

Look for-:

  1. the tap for working with guides and angels
  2. the tap for clearing energy and controlling pain

Love and light Demici

copyright @ Demici 6 June 2015