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Meditation. Journey to the Temple of light for healing all.

To follow this meditation you need 20 minutes where you will not be disturbed.  A glass of water to help you when you finish your meditation.  A pad and pen to write down what you want to record from your journey.  As always you can stop and start this sound file when ever you want to so you can take longer if you want to.  Have fun Love Demici.

Journey to the Temple of light for healing all.

Feet on the floor

As for the healing ray to be sent to you

As you breath in the light

Let the thoughts in and out

take no notice of them

if you are listening to music

let the low notes of the music fill you joy

let the high notes of the music fill you with light

give your thoughts to the light

see yourself in the garden of love

this is your place

here you meet your guides

today we are meeting our healing guide

breath in the light

it is a wonderful day

warm but not hot

the blue sky has small fluffy clouds floating across it

the birds are singing and the insects are just chattering

you notice the wonderful vibration

the colours of the flowers

as you breath in the air you breath in their wonderful fragrance

the scent of the garden  fills you with peace

the peace you have been seeking

know you will always find this peace in this place

you find a place to sit

and your guide comes to sit next to you

you feel their joy at being with you

as you give them your joy at seeing them and knowing they came back to talk to you

your talk for a moment or two like long lost friends

and share your love for each other

it is time to make the pilgrimage to the hall of light

you go to the garden gate together

and take the road to the temple of light

you walk with many pilgrims who walk this path to the temple with you

there is only joy in the voices of the people

all are full of love as you walk down the road past the meadow full of flowers and crops

you come to a little bridge at the entrance of a wood

and cross the bridge

as you cross you look at the water

it is flowing choppy and full of white foam

you pass into the wood

where the air is cooler

here the sun shines through the tree’s leaves

and there are small animals scampering around

among the little flowers that hold their heads up high to catch the sun shine

breath in all this wonderful energy it is cool safe and clearing away all doubt

now you come to the valley of life and light

here the sun and moon can be seen in the sky

the grass is green and bright

the valley is long and the sides are covered by close cut grass that is tended well

there is a lake that flows the full length of the valley up to a waterfall at the far end

you walk swim or fly  to the waterfall

you find the staircase that is behind the waterfall

you walk up the staircase to the top

look out through the water flow

all kinds of animals are making their way to the lake edge to drink

small ones being let in to the front by the large ones

so many birds in the sky all dipping and swoop to the water to drink

peace fills your heart and mind as you turn to the guide who hands you a flask and a cup

fill the flask with the water from the waterfall

and hang it on your belt to hang from your waist

so you can sip at any time till you come here again

now you fill you cup and drink the water of life

you need to do this several times

drink your fill and take your time

then hang the cup with the flask to your belt

the guardian of the water hands you a slate and some chalk

you enter the hall of light through a crystal archway

as you pass through the archway you feel the vibration of the crystals

as they  heal and fill you with their light

the energy in the hall of light is the most pure light energy that you have ever felt

the hall is full of many guides pilgrims and angels

this place is open to the sky

as you look up you see all the stars at once

and all the heavenly bodies are sending their light energies to you

absorb it

when you look back to the people in the room

they are forming a long line and each holding a slate that is full of names

you can join this line and put any names of people who you know need healing on your slate

as you walk in this line breath and accept the love in this place

its your own guide who is holding you hand and guiding you

give the slate with your requests on it to the angle who comes to take it

as they take the slate they touch you shoulder

and smile at you

the energy in this smile lifts your heart

you know all will be as it should be

so you can let go of all worries at this time

know that you do your best and this is all that is expected of you

the angel seems to whisper that to you

as you hand over all your needs to the angle you know all will be taken care of.

as you watch you see the angel place your slate in the ever lasting fire of requests

there are sparks flying from the flames and you watch

they fly out to the world

pick a spark and follow it to the place it lands

see how it brightens up all around it clearly healing and letting in love to all around

to the ones you have asked for.

now you know you can let go your worries

it is now time to return to your life in your own physical self

you start your journey back by thanking the angels

and walking back through the crystal arch

the crystals vibrate in a more gentle way this time

as you pass them

know they are vibrating at a level that is in tune with your needs

say thank you to the guardian of the water as you start to climb down the staircase behind the water fall

it is night now in the valley

all the animals have gone

the moon sends her silver light across the water.

you feel the peace as you return to the place where you entered the wood

dawn is beginning and the wood is full of joy and peace

and you cross the bridge

and as you cross you look at the water

it is running clear and smooth and free

you know somehow all will be well in your life

you can see the sand at the river bed

and now as daylight falls the day begins

you find your way back up the path to your garden

you say thank you to your guide as they walk away.

you begin to feel the energy in your  hands toes and fingers returning

wiggle them move your body stretch slowly there is not hurry

take a sip of your water take your time

and when you feel back to your normal self

say ‘may the blessing of light  always be with me and may we always have wonderful a day night’

take care and know you are loved


12.45 minutes run time.

Connecting to the Universe and the Earth finding the balance in you

To prepare for this exercise

Please set time aside so that you will not be disturbed.

Have water to sip at the end of this exercise

Make yourself comfortable.

Sit rather than lay down as this exercise is to help to align you with the energy flow

Find a piece of music or sit in quiet


Breathe gently in a natural way.

As you breathe in.

Feel the joy of the energy flow

Accepting what is with the in breath

Letting go of what is not needed with the out breath.



Breathe easy and do not take any notice of any thoughts that distract your mind.

See your feet becoming roots

They grow deep down into the earth till they reach the crystal that is the centre of our mother earth.

Let your roots spread out around you as far as twice you are tall.

Feel that crystal energy flowing up into your whole being

Let it fill each cell of you and your aura

Making you feel safe and needed and loved

Now let this wonderful energy flow up as you reach up to the stars moon and sun with your mind

Feel the wonderful invigorating energy from

The Sun Stars and moon flowing down to meet and mingle with the energy that mother earth fills you with.

Feel this energy flowing in every part of you filling you with joy

Anticipation acceptance of what is.

All that is wonderful in your life and all that is sent from the universe.

As you feel these energies you feel safe warm connected and whole.

Now watch the universe energy flow down deep into the earth and become part of the crystal feeding it with the energy that it needs too

Watch the two energies that form light strings holding you safe to both the universe and mother earth they form the DNA string of life filling you with love and wholeness.

Let this wonderful energy fill the immediate area all around you and making you and that the whole.  Connected too so what which matters most to you and yet detached from all that is of no use to you.

Now as it is time to be back in the physical you see these light lines connected and yourself part of them they hold you safe and cut out all that is not needed for you or by you.

Watch the flow slow down and become part of your everyday being.

Know as you feel your body return to your normal state that you do not need to feel others your do not need to carry their burdens but they held in their own string of this energy.

When you are safe and feeling the joy of life you see yourself as a bead on this string of life.

Take a sip of your water and move around.  Enjoy your life and know you are well loved and fed with the life force energy you need.

Love and light thank you for following this Demici.


One more thing you can do this exercise whenever you feel vulnerable tired disconnected because what you are connecting to is the energy that is yours what you are blocking out is the energy that is not your.  Enjoy.

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