The road of life song

The way is long and the road can be lost

The night is dark and the road can be forgotten

The woods are beautiful and the road can be distracted

The mountains are rugged and the road can fall away

The meadow is wide and the road can meander

The sea cliffs are high and the road can reach the sky

The way is life the road is the love, feelings, emotions is all of life

Lessons are learn in the way of the strong

Lessons are learned in the way you walk along

The way is long and road can be lost

The night is dark and the road can be forgotten

Remember the time when you lost your way

Remember the time when you had to say

Goodbye my friend I’ll send you on your way

Emotions are strong but you walked along

You sang in the valley so beautiful

The woods are beautiful and the life can be distracting

You lost your way you found the way you made your way today

copyright Demici @ 2 Aug 2015

Question : How does one raise their vibration?

Today a wonderful question was asked in a chat on Facebook

How does one raise their vibration?

Good Question.

Live a life of knowing you, warts and all. Sharing with others what you can and making your and their space as comfortable as you can. That does not mean you making their rules for life, but you accept that they make their own choices and live the consequences that their actions take them to.

At the same time you do not live in their choices you also make your own. To do this you learn you. You learn and know what you think you need and take the bull by the horns and be ready for the consequences that come your way. Each choice leads to consequence, each consequence leads to an emotional reaction. It is in that emotional reaction that you learn about you. In that emotional reaction you choose, at that point to take the negative way or the positive way.

The positive is the way that feels right and good and the feeling of joy and continues and grows, or the negative way if you choose that. Has that initial blast of ‘wow this is good’ but the feeling does not last it eats away at you and your doubts grow as the warm thrill feeling falls away.

Now is the time to choose again! And let go! Choosing a different action and accepting a different consequence through a different set of emotions or even the same helps you to learn.

By feeling we can understand. By feeling we can make a choice. By feeling we judge.  Be sure you judge only yourself. Be sure you judge only using a balance of what you know will make space between you and other people comfortable.  And then you can achieve a feeling of ‘wha this is beautiful!’ and by feeling you can understand and by feeling you can make a choice.

By feeling and growing and judging you ask ‘did I grow, did I glow?’  Now you know that, that wonderful glow and growing is lifting your vibration through making, what is for you, good choices.   Now you’ll find that answer that you seek.

But the thing is to lift your vibration takes a whole long journey, all your life.  And there will be times when you make a wrong choice.  In making that wrong choice you get that ‘whoof’ feeling so make another.  And in making a right choice you get that ‘Whoo’.  So make another but use that same feeling and in that growing there is a knowing and in that knowing you pass that on because it is your heart that you speak from.

That is my answer to how does one raise their vibration.  To know you my darling, to love you and to judge only you and to be strong in your knowledge of who you are.  Enjoy the discovery.  Because my feeling from the person that asked this question.  Is that their vibration is raised anyway.  It oscillates at the level that your physical body needs at that physical time.  Your mental capacity is to understand, and in that understanding you let go.  And that is how you raise your vibration.

Love and light Demici

copyright @ Demici 30 July 2015

message from the Oak

When you dance in the light of the sun

When you sing in the rain when the day has begun

There is your heart laid on the ground

There is the time that you have found

When you see the folds of the tree

And you work in the wind and the rain

There you’ll find the way is free

For you to find the time

For you to find the time

Time will heal and time will grow

And all the weeds will fail

And the thorns of night will ease your plight

As you sing to the daffodil

As you sing to the daffodil


Copyright @Demici 29 July 2015

I sang these words after a meditation with Jodywhitewolf in SOC.

Visit home to heal self and send healing to the earth.

Before  you start this mediation please put aside at least 30 minutes but longer if you think you will need it.  Remember you can stop and start this sound file when ever you want to.  The music playing in the back ground is called Merliln’s Magic.  You may like to have a drink of water handy too for when you come out of the relaxed state of meditation.

Breath in and out and let the high notes of the music lift you.  Let the low notes take all that is not needed away.  Feel the flow of energy washing through you and into ever cell of your being.  Let it flood every cell in your being with healing light.  As it lights up the new and the needed parts of your being it turns off and washes away all that is not needed.  Feel the joy and let the pain of all flow away.

You find yourself in a garden that you have been in many times before.  You see the one who will accompany you on this journey to the stars.  You embrace and share energy and thoughts with this being of light and love.  Ask as many questions you have of this being.  Take your time and know the answers will stay with you.

Now you are shown a door way.  You open it and walk through it.  You enter an elevator that takes you high up to the star of your home.  As you step out of the elevator you are greeted by those who you love and who love you.  This place is the most peaceful place you have ever been to.  You feel at home here.  Absorb this feeling and let yourself know this is true home for you. It is where you were born a star seed many, many ages ago.  Your friends show you a monitor screen.  They give you food and drink.  You sit in a wonderful chair and watch the pictures that are playing on the monitor screen.  As you watch you see your own life journey flow past.  Not just this one but many life journeys and you see the pattern of growth.  This is your growth over many life times and you can now see the lessons that are learnt and the ones that are given but not understood yet.  Watch, know, feel, let go.  With every high note feel the love shining with every low note let go of all past and present feelings of emotions and pain that are no more needed.

As the video of your whole life being comes to an end.  Your friends come and show you their temple of light.  The place you were first taken to before you set off to visit the universe and come to this life.  You find your place with these beings of light and join as they send the light to the universe and to the Earth.  Watch as their healing requests join the light of the moon, the stars and the sun.  Watch as this light flows with the cosmic winds and through the atmosphere of the earth.  It passes through the clouds.  See it flow into everything here, all the animals, the people, the mountains, the seas, the land.  Watch it go deep, deep into the middle of the earth healing everything that it touches.  Now as you watch the friends say time to return to your life and your world.  You enter the elevator and find that you are back in the garden.  Say goodbye to the guide who went and came back with you.  Feel your senses return to your body and physical conscious mind, knowing you have been healed, knowing that you are safe warm and fully in your consciousness.  Wiggle your fingers and toes and take a sip of water if you have some.  Know you can go back there anytime you want to.

Love and light Demici

this recoding has music playing in the background.

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The tape has not music playing in the back ground.

Tool to help with grief

I would like to share with you a tool to help with the grief process of losing someone who has died.

I have used this tool over the years quite a few times with people who are going through that awful process of learning to live in this life without the person that they love.

So first of all find a picture of this wonderful soul. Put it in a place where you have to turn to it.

And then talk to the picture.  Share all that you would have shared with them if they had been there in the physical world.  Share the fun of the day, share the worries of the day and share the pain and the anger.  It is perfectly ok to shout at the person and ask them, ‘Why did they leave you?’  They left you because they had to.  But that doesn’t help with the letting go. So they quite understand that you have to be angry.     And when you are doing this in the privacy of your own room and your own time, it is just a form of letting go.  And then share all the joys all your hopes and ask them to help you in some way shape or form.  It is not always your spirit people who are there sending you the help.  They send their requests to the angels and the angels are the ones who actually make things happen and that actually help you.  So don’t feel worried that you are holding your spirit friend back from developing because they actually want to help you to move forward as well because as you move forward so they move forward.

Ok once again get a picture of this wonderful person that you feel you have lost.  Put it in a place where you actually have to physically go and sit down and look at it.  And then share your day with that person share your life as you would have done here.  And over time with this tool things will improve.  I wish you joy I wish you happiness and until such time as you can let go I offer you my hand in friendship so that you may do this thing.  Love and light Demici

How I got my photograph the Blue Orb

my blue orb

my blue orb

How I got my photograph with the Blue Orb.

The picture I use as my avatar and the one that is in this blog on my profile. Is another occasions of spirit letting me know that they were there and manipulating what was to hand, for them to use. I wanted to put a picture of myself onto the social media chat room profile.  And provide the site with a picture of me to post on their main page.  So I asked my friend to take a picture of me with my new Samsung phone.  He took a picture of me and said, “oh that is strange.”  I looked at the picture and saw that it had that blue orb at my throat.  I stood back in the same position and asked him to take a second picture to see if it was still there.  No it was not!  The pictures were taken only seconds apart.

20131213_121515 (1)

The second picture of me taken 2 minutes after the first one.

Spirit Energy Encounters

Two Cassette decks playing together.

The day I first knew spirit could manipulate Energy to make electrical equipment do things it is not designed to do.

I was a developing healer and I attended the healing service at Castleford Spiritualists Church on Lower Oxford Street Castleford.

This particular day the healers outnumbered the people who came for healing.  So I offered to sit on a healing chair and receive healing instead of giving it.  The healing service always had music playing quietly in the background.  They used a double cassette player radiogram to play the cassettes.  Only one side of the cassettes tape deck players had a cassette in it, the one that was playing.  When I sat on the chair in the church and the healer put their hands on my shoulder.  I soon relaxed and then I suddenly became aware of the music but someone was talking at the same time.  It was a mans voice answering my questions about things that I was asking about. The man who spoke was telling me that all my questions would be answered in time and my nun novice guide was talking to me as well.  I could also here music coming from both the tape decks as well as the voices.  The other people in the room could hear the music playing from both tape decks.  When the healer had finished the healing and my guides had stopped talking to me we all went to look at the machine. Yes sure enough there was only one tape in one of the tape decks the other one was empty.  The wheels were spinning.  Very strange!!