The Autumn of my life

The autumn of my life

Sung by Sgt Barry Sadler

the song is found on YouTube if you want to listen to it.

the words are as Follows

I’m going down to the river and watch the leaves drift by

I am going down to the river and watch me life go by

This is the autumn of my life

I remember joy and strife

I’m just like the restless river

Always moving on and on

The river once was young like me

When first rushed to meet the sea

But now it’s old with passing years

My river is a sea of tears

I’m going down to the river and watch the leaves drift by

I’m going down to the river and watch my life go by

This is the autumn of my life

Gone is the love that once was mine

Gone in the autumn of my life

This song made me think and it made me cry then it made me think again.  This is what I came up with.

Yes I’m going down to the river to watch the leaves drift by

To see the beauty in the autumn colours in those leaves. To see how events in my life have marked moulded and aged me.

Boy I hope I have as much colour as those leaves!

Yes I have many things in my life flooding back to me at the moment.  Many memories good, bad, and yes, some of them ugly, some were because things were out of my control and some were my reaction to someone else while others were my own making.  The tears and the thinking are aids to sorting out this jumble of what cannot be changed but can be understood.

It is the way of age.  And just like my bank balance I have to assess it now and again.

So yes I am going down to the river to watch the leaves drift by

But I am not going down to the river to watch my life pass by.

I will remember what is beautiful what is useful and what I was not proud of

I will take into ownership and take action, where there is still time, and put things right where I can.  I will hold my head up high and let go of what is of no use to me.

Yes gone is the love of my life but as one door closed another opened so I change just like the river.  I honour that love, I bless that love and remember the fun and the strife for they are part of me.

As the river flows to the sea so I flow to my old age and the new me

Whatever age I am as long as I can get up in the morning and can see or feel the love of the universe and the energy of the brightest star I know I will be fine.

I will be who I am as I cannot change what was but I can change what is.

So yes this song made me think and it helped me to see, that watching the leaves pass by and reliving the sad times in my life does not need me to sit and let the rest of my life drift by.

Thank you Barry Sadler God rest your soul and may your voice and words build hope in all who hear it.

Love and light Demici

To days thoughts 8th Jan 2015

Hi my Facebook friends Happy new year.  OH boy it is already the 8th Jan and the days are moving fast.  I hope you managed to stay with your New Year resolutions if you did not then re-think them.  Re-plan them.  Start again and this time be kind to yourself.  Do not set too big a task for yourself.  Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?  The tortoise was willing to keep going and do a little plodding one step at a time till he got to the end.  The hare well he stopped and started and stopped again.  And then he forgot to watch the road so when he was napping tortoise he passed old hare.  That is what happens to our good intentions.  We set the goal too big and then we set off at a good pace but when the hill gets too steep we stop for a rest. Then we slide and one day becomes two days then three weeks and the year has gone.


That my friend is called procrastination (To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness and to postpone or delay needlessly) I am as guilty as anyone else on this score; Hence my horror at seeing the date this day when I had a bill to pay.  Yes I only notice the dates when something important happens.  I dream my day away.  Well to dream is fine that is how you find out what you want and what you don’t want.  Then you have to put into practice that dream.  Remember that film the Field of dreams?  He built it and they came.  So make this your motto for 2015.  I build my dream and then they will see.  Or rather I will see.


Yes do not wait for the first day of the year to make your resolution.  Make it again today if like me you have slipped.  Dream break down the dream into manageable steps and then plod one day at a time like the tortoise.  Do not give yourself a bad time for failing as in the failing we often find what was wrong with the original plan.  Start again and keep on starting again just like the song Pick your-self up and dust your-self off and start all over again.

Love and light Demici

Conflict and Disagreement

Conflict and Disagreement happen all the time sometimes we see the result coming and sometimes we don’t. Without conflict and disagreement how do we find out what is hurtful how do we learn what others may not like?

The world is made up of many different colours of needs, wants, expectations, ways of being and thinking. So many types of ordering things for so many people is a miracle of juggling and rubbing shoulders with all kinds of people. So how has mankind got this far? I hear you asking.

Well my friend; it has taken to now, to achieve openness on a global scale. The need for fences, walls, boarders, caused by lack of mobility and knowledge of a greater world then the one that the individual knows, caused a form of isolation. This meant that people were able to build their mode of interaction with their locality based fellow man. Think about it; before the twentieth century travel to other groups of people was only afforded to a very few people. So there was a distinct lack of knowledge that there may be other ways to look at life and experiences, there may be other ways to order how you do things and how you set societies life goals for living harmoniously together. The majority of people stayed in the same area, same village and even the same street. So to mix all the colours of experience that are built out of conflict and disagreement these isolated societies built their own rules for living. These rules for living are now the sources of conflict and missunderstandings that become the buliding blocks for new experiences gained from discourse with other people, who are not of the same understanding, same social standards and do not hold the same expectation of life goals and so the circle turns.
As life has always ordered its self around the needs of the group. As the world opens up and people mix with other people who are of like minds but of another social ordered group conflict will occur. Beliefs, life rules to survive and understandings or how to look at something will cause questions, arguments, miss understandings and so disagreements and conflict. In the individuals at first and in the wider levels of society in the longer term until new ways of looking at things can be found. Once these new ways of looking at things to see that each individual is looking at exactly the same thing and that it is the semantics of the colours that are causing the conflict and disagreement. Once this has been understood new orders, new ideas, new ways of looking at things can be agreed upon. Unfortunately as this new order emerges rules are prescribed for this new way of seeing things. In the setting of the new rules one makes experiences valid, one gives a name and a legitimation to the idea and so leads the way to new conflict and disagreement that will follow as new ways and experiances enter the expaeriances of the individual. So the circle turns once more.
Some call this anarchy others call it the rise of the phoenix. I call it growth of the individual in the form of grace.
Ok what is grace?
Grace is a little girl who never washed her face.
She grew out of patience
Patience is the doorway to achievement.
As my father used to always say:-
Patience is a virtue,
Virtue is a grace
And grace is a little girl who never washed her face.

Become grace dear friend. Give honour and love to those who bring you conflict bless them know that they give you the new knowledge that you need to be able to look at their vision their semantics and then see where these meet your own. In this you can see that the path you both walk is the same in the same direction and with this new purpose grow.
Then you can stop the conflict so you can build a new understanding and then pass them on to the rest of your fellow humans. We grow out of the minority in knowledge and as that knowledge is assimilated it becomes a truth. This truth grows as it is passed from one to another in this way we become the majority. In this majority one must remember to let go of the dogma and the rules that no longer fit but take the best of what we know into the new assimilation without annihilating self or society.
I leave you with this thought my friends feel free to argue this is how we grow just drop the conflict.
Love and light