Recipes for life lesson 1

Lessons on life 1


We have many life influences going on in our lives that we take on board and then they cause us to make decisions that help us or dis-able us.

If you spent most of your life hitting dead ends.  That is setting goals that turn into what you perceive as failures.  Or what other people perceive as failures.  Look at what you learned.  Even if it was don’t go there again it was a lesson well learned.  Wasn’t it?

If you constantly set your goals based on other peoples expectations and beliefs you will fail because you did not put you in the middle of your decisions.  Did you?

So  now you are here reading this do yourself a favor.  Do you respect yourself?  Do you even like yourself?

If the answer to this question is I don’t know then time is right for you to examine this and see what you can do about it.

Come back to the blog tomorrow for the next lesson.

Love and light Demici

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