How to contact me and what you will find on this blog

Hi welcome to my site. My name is Demici

I can be found at  I would love to get an email from you.

Demici’s place on Facebook

I am Demici in

In Facebook I am Rosemary Sladden

And I can be found in chat rooms as Demici

This site is about my written work it is my thoughts and the bits and pieces of interest that come my way.

I have been writing for the past 20 years on the backs of bus tickets, receipts, odd bits of paper and many note books.  This blog is a work in progress I intend to make every file a sound file as well as a written file.  As I am a Dyslexic and have enjoyed stories and the written spoken word all of my life.  I learnt to write in a way that I am able to share in the 1990s when the computer came into my life.  Over the years there have been many technical innovations that are wonderful tools for a Dyslexic like me.  I now can speak to my computer and it will write most of what I need and want to say to the world.

If you find my language difficult please let me know it may be the spell checker that is putting in words that are spelt in a different way to the word I want to say.  But then maybe it is just a word that adds meaning instead of detracts meaning?

I would appreciate feedback so if you feel like commenting please feel free to do so.

Some of the meditations please share as they are there for everybody in the hope

Thank you so much



  1. Thank you Demici for the meditations and thank you very much for helping me. It is very much appreciated. Your meditations really help and it is for the reader/viewer to keep on going with the mediations as they will truly make a big difference. Thank you again.


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