Welcome to my pages. I hope you enjoy your time here.


A little bit about me I am a spiritual healer Spiritual Life Coach and also a  Usui Siechem Reiki Master if you feel you need healing or want to know more just ask and I will send it your way or answer your questions.  Look up healing in my pages, I am adding to them all the time.  There are also some meditations that I have posted are there for you to use if you think they will help you on your own life path. I am also a  medium who works in the Spiritualist churches in the UK.   

I write poems and some of them are sent by spirit.  Some of them are posted in the pages that follow please enjoy them. If you find you would like to have a copy or use them please ask me before you do.  Thank you.   

I am interested in life in general and am fascinated by many things that I see in the world.  I love to discuss philosophy and find out new ideas. 

I used to live in a shared house where several people live together.  That was fun and we all learnt to rub shoulders together quite well once we knew each other.  I have learnt a lot from the many people who have come to live here and I hope they learnt a lot about themselves.  I feel like all the people who came to live here are like my family so my family is a very large one.  And now they have all gone their own ways.  I get to hear about them now and a gain.  Just as a mother hen should do.  I am now entering a new life that is just for me.  I wonder how that will go?

I spent my early years moving around the world as my father was in the merchant navy and if we did not go to live in a port that he visited regularly we would never have ever seen him as he had a work cycle of 2 years at sea and 3 months ashore during his many years service with the ships. 

I feel very lucky that I had that childhood as I learnt that no matter what race, creed, level of society we are born into we are all the same.  We feel pain when we are unhappy or ill, we feel happy when the world is going right for us.  We all bleed red blood when we injure ourselves and we can choose to love or hate.  The flow of that energy is something that fascinates me and there are many references to my discoveries on this matter in my blog pages. 

I have a very fast growing family.  Two daughters, who have given me six grandchildren and three great grandchildren with  another on the way.  The first is at school now, the second is at preschool and the third has just turned one.  Phew didn’t know time moved so fast!  So life is very busy for me as I also like to keep my self busy and abreast of what is going on around me.  I am learning how to make things with stained glass.  

So enough about me just drop in and chat when you feel you need to.  Read my poems and stuff and enjoy.  I hope that you get peace and love from this place.  I know it is full of love so take the love and let it heal you.