Actions and Words.

Actions and Words

Do you pull the horse then the plough?

Have to stop to wipe your brow?

Do you the furrow fuel and dig?

Make fears dreams ever so big?

Do you sit and wait for an open gate?

Or fill the world with your anger and hate?

Listen to the words you use

Listen to the way they air your views

Did you really mean to say all that?

Or were you talking about a cat or a bat?

Now as you clean up your shiny shoes

Look at the actions you also use

Do they speak the same word game?

And build a united one meaning frame?

Or do they speak the words of life

Are they the cause of all trouble and strife?

Many see and many hear

Do they like you to be near?

Because you a peaceful pool create

That opens up their wonder gate?

Many know and answer you

See your actions in all you do?

Little children watch and mimic

Are they using this as a gimmick?

See your world laid out in action

Then you can learn contraction

Of the negative path you lead

And build a live of love to seed

Maybe you want the other way

Well now you can build each new day.

So please consider each word you use

And know the way people will muse

Their meaning and their impact

Then they can always know how to react.


Copy right @ Demici 21st November 2017 @ 15:34