Empathy and beliefs

Hi all my wonderful Empaths out there.

I want to talk to all the empaths out there who are feeling afraid and misunderstand the feelings that they are getting.

Our vibrations have been changing over the past 10 years and many of us have been through a lot of turmoil through this time.  Some of this has been wonderful and some of it has been the opposite.

The law of concentrated attention says that when we concentrate on an idea that idea often becomes reality.  It is much like I expect my child to be a nuisance when I least need it. So the child plays up at that very time.  I expect the boss to find out that I slipped away from work 2 minutes early and know he will pull me up for it.  Well he does because you made your energy come to his attention!

So if you Expect the worst to happen it will and if you Expect the good to happen it will.  You see you are feeling for.  What?  The idea you are looking for.  As you probably have found out the law of ying and yang says that everything has an opposite.  This opposite stuff and the tendency to concentrate on the negative brings about a time space feel thing that makes us think of whatever we believe.

So you learn through experience and you are by now screaming at me, “But I trusted this or that and I got a wave of negative stuff thrown at me.”  Well yes you did.  And yes you will again if you do it the same way.

Did you look for the lesson that the old past happening gave you?  For many years I did not understand this concept that Nothing Happens without a reason.  I put the pebble in the pond and now I receive back what I put in.  Putting fear into that pond sends out fear and so when it hits the edges of the pond the rings of water return to the place where the pebble fell, (Me).  The energy did not change it just hit the banks of the pond and then returned.  So now I receive my own fear.

So it is that when you send out fear to another human being you get it mirrored back at you.  In this case it can be changed energy re-charged by the human soul with their own fear or charged with love so that you only get a little bit of your own energy back and a load of their love.

You have heard of the saying as we think so we are?  This is the principle I am talking about.  First talked about by Rene Descartes he put it as “I think therefore I am”.  This is so true.  It is the way we look at the world from our own view point that makes life so difficult.  Yet we cannot fully put ourselves into another’s shoes can we?  But if we can look at any given situation and ask self what would you do differently if you were wearing the other’s shoes then we may get to half way to meeting minds that can work together and walk this life in the knowledge that we are all the same.

We each have red blood, we all need food and water to keep our bodies in good shape. We all feel and are emotional beings so how can you hurt someone who is the same as you?  Walk in understanding that you cannot and will not make the other persons choices but can and will give them the space to be them as you will take your own space in the world that is such a small ball and we must let it support all of us.

The next negative emotion that harms us is that of greed.  This is the subject of the next video and the next blog.

Thank you for listening.

Love and light Demici

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