Separation, Connection

Separation and connection

Desperation dedication inspiration.

When someone we love leaves us

We cannot find the bus

to follow

life is hollow

Dreams are dashed

and hope is bashed

Then connection and dedication

Re-creation harmonisation

All help us to know

in this hour we grow

we learn that there is no need to yearn

for life is always joined

and love is always here

so open up your ear.

Listen to that universal beat

That is life in every street


Expectation is desperation and there is no inner connection.

To the you

The new

The light of tomorrow

Were love banishes sorrow.

Take your time

See the line

Where nature shows you the trail

And lifts the vail

Of mysteries and histories

That open up the way

For today

In the letting go

You learn that you always know

And so you find your own seeds to sew

And grow.

Love and light Demici

Copyright @ Demici 22/01/2016 13:22

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