Meditation to relax and visit the hall of light for healing self and the world.

If you are comfortable please breath: gently and let your body relax. As you relax let all worry fear hurt leave your body let each muscle relax and let the thoughts come and go.  Notice your breathing in and out feel the air as it enters your lungs and as it leaves your lungs.  See and feel the rhythm as a thought builds in your mind watch it, listen to it and let it go.  It is not important at this time.  If it is it will return when it is the right time.  Feel the love in your heart with each breath and feel that joy building up inside you.  As you know that you are loved, you know you have a right to life and that life is a road.  That road is steep at times, flat at other times.  Passes over difficult to walk land in places, it loses its way in others, but then you look up and you see the way open.   This is just a time of passing through the water of life.  You walk forward you feel the ground beneath your feet solid and true you feel the strength from the ground as you know you are walking in the path of your life in the direction of love. feel the love flow into you and around you know all will be well now.  As you walk along you meet a guide who holds out their hand.  There is something in their hand that you need for your own life path, accept it and put it in your pocket.  Now we walk to the mountain of love to the hall of light.  The path is full of people all going too, they also ask for love.  As we pass the bridge into the wood listen to the water as it flows in unison with our heart beat.  Feel the cool comfort of the wood.  Listen can you hear what the trees tell you?  Look for the little animals and the flowers that scamper and grow on the floor of the wood.   Now breath in the light as you find the valley of love and life.  Find the waterfall and climb the steps that go up behind the waterfall.  Look through the curtain of water and see the day in all its beauty.  See the world bathed in sunlight.  Turn and walk through the crystal arch into the hall of love and light.  Listen to the song of angels, let all your own fear requests fall on to the slate that the angel gave you.   Name all those who are in need and you worry about.  Now watch the light lines of healing going out to the world.  Know you are no longer the creator of the healing that will happen.  It was your request that was needed. Know that what will be, will be.  As you turn back to the crystal archway, Back to the waterfall fill your cup with the water from the waterfall and drink. Fill your flask for the time you will need it before you come back here.  Now back down the stair case and back to the wood.  Over the bridge, back to the world you live in, to the reality of the day.  Breath: and become aware of your body at peace within itself ready to meet what is to be.  Know that there is peace and in joy with the world.  Stretch your arms, wiggle your toes, stretch your body, wiggle your fingers and roll your neck.  Now as you are back say thank you to the universe for its help.

Now I suggest you write down the gift that you were given.  Ask your guide to help you know what that gift is for.  Date it and make it part of your journal.  Love and light

Copyright @ Demici 15 September 2015


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