Absent healing Sending Universal Energy

Hi all my wonderful healing friends this may help you in your ministry.

Please prepare as you would do to heal.  Have water for when you have finished.  You may want a bowl of water and a towel handy to help you break off from each person you are sending light to.  If you feel tired you did not connect to the universe and clear your own stuff before you started to send and so you sent your own energy.  Or you did not break off properly please contact me if this is the case.  If you are too energised when you have finished please use a grounding self exercise.

Sending universal energy as absent healing.

Today we are going to send healing to all our friends throughout the world.  Today we are going to first start with taking a breath and relax.  And feel the joy of the universe as it helps us to relax and comes and sends healing straight the way through and down into our bodies.  As we breathe in we breathe in the light and as we breathe out we let go of all that there is.  We don’t need it at this moment in time.  And now we feel the energy from the earth coming up and going right to the centre of the universe.  We can feel the crystal energies from the earth and we can feel the wonderful star energies from our star.  The one we were created on many, many years and life times ago.  And as we let go we feel the joy of this wonderful energy.  Breath in and breath out and let the energy go to each part of our bodies and into our aura and into the area around the place we are at now.  Feel see and know that that energy is going out to all the area filling it with love.  As you receive the love back listen.  Listen to the energy, feel it, know where it is going and know how it interacts, coming in and going out.  And now if there are people who you wish to send healing to.  Connect with them with your minds and hold your hands to direct the energy down through your head from the universe, down through your hands out to each person.  Just name the name and let the energy flow and as it flows see it connecting with their life force, their energy that is connected to their star.  Their energy that is connected to the crystal in the centre of the earth watch that energy getting stronger and brighter.  Keep sending until their light is as bright as yours, their strength is as strong as yours and there is no more resistance with the feedback you are getting from their energy. And now withdraw your hands from that light source.  Watch and make sure that it continues to stay bright and strong and vibrant.  And watch the person being held in that beam of light that is their universal connection.  Break off and rub your hands together and wash your hands all the way to your wrists as you go back into your own energy your own light source.  That dear friends is the way to send healing, universal healing to an individual.

Love and light Demici

Copyright Demici @ 24 August 2015.


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