Healing letting go

Hallow this is Demici again

Find yourself a nice piece of nice gentle music.

Sit down and give yourself 10 minutes of peace and quiet.

Listen to the music and just let things happen accept the healing that is being sent to you at this time.

Let the guides and spirit healers do their work. By just letting go of all of life’s troubles, in every in breath take in the love the light and the healing and in every out breath let everything fall away.  Let your mind take over and take you to where you need to go, and let the feeling of love fill you with joy. Let the tears flow as this happens.  And feel the joy of love fill you and replace that which is causing the pain, the worry, the fears the lost feelings.  Breath in the light let go of all that which is not with you.  Let joy and love fill your whole being with the light of the universe.  Now let that joy and the love flow over, through you, in you and let the angelic and the elemental do their work.

Clearing all channels so light can flow in that special way that it needs to flow for you. Breathe in breath out and when you are full of this light and it overflows clearing and bringing light start to send it out to the world.

As you let go this powerful light in the form of the high notes and the low notes of the music let this love energy flow and spread out across the world.

Ask at this time for all the places in the world that you know needs healing.  All the lost, lonely, frightened, hungry, homeless people of the world.  All the rich, greedy, selfish peoples of the world watch as each one receives that love in their own light and know you were listened to.  Watch that cloud of mistrust, fear, lost be replaced by hope that lifts and replaces with a light feeling of wonder and joy.  Watch as those who are alone find a place where they are never alone again.  Those in pain find the level of energy where they are never in such pain again.  Those who are worrying about others watch as the light lifts this worry and goes to the ones who they are thinking about that they are thinking about that need this light.

For self we let go of the pain of worry for others.  We let go of the fears that you might have for others.  We stand fully in the light for our own being.

This is time for you my friend as the spirit/healing light workers elements work on your being. Know that the work you have been doing as a healer as a light worker is coming to an end and the time to rest in now upon us.  The new wave of joy will lift our light as we absorb the energy of the meteorites that brought the substance of light with them and sent the energy to clear all and lift all.  Feel all pain of exhaustion wash away and let the light of your own home star fill you with the love you need right now.

Feel it wash through you and around you taking it to the centre of the earth and letting the energy connect you to this earth/this life that is full of love and healing and joy.  So you are connected to your home star and to the universe of love.

If you want to cry let your soul cry it needs to heal.  It has learnt a lesson that it needed to learn and needs your permission to let it’s self be loved and for you to love it at every level of your being.

It needs the joy of love from the beings of light, the elements and the fairy realm.  Know you are you and you are a child of light and when darkness fills your energy it can’t fly to the night light burners who are flying round your soul and filling it with light.  Say thank you to these fire flies and the other children of light who bring you joy and light to lift you out of the night.  Now feel the joy in your spirit and your soul connecting with each other.  Feel the love of your spirit making you strong.  Feel the joy of your soul as it lifts it’s self with your light.  Now let both your spirit and your soul fill your physical body with the love that it needs to function.  To clear, to let go: of all pain, all worries.  Let the love that is yours be within you and around you protecting, projecting and helping you, ALL THE TIME, It doesn’t switch on and it doesn’t switch off it’s yours there your birth right all the time.  There is no end to this love energy it just glows and grows as you let it flow into your life.  There are no doors that are closed to you except the ones that you’ve once been walked through and are not to be re-opened for they are the ones full of the things that are already learnt and understood.  Try the other doors that stand in your way.  They will open.  Walk through one of them and enjoy the journey to discover and learn and be.  These doors require your presence and your attention.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow will come and now is all you have. Now is all you have to hold onto! It’s safe! Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with now and care for now.  As it will be your guide for the rest of your life.  As it is the task of now to lead you forward guide you and to hold yourself.  So hold on to now!  Not tomorrow not yesterday but now!

Taste it! See now, Feel now, Know it in all its forms and let it grow you.  Let it be as it is. Giving you peace happiness and joy. Let this peace be with you always child of light.

Massage from the elementals and the angels

They are your guides for life and walk among you always with love, hope and joy.

My name is the wind, my light is the sun, my clear light is the moon.  I am your creator star that holds you with love.  I am the water you drink and the earth you walk on.  I am your love.  I am not named for I am now.  This moment and I am your own self, the everything that is.  The everything that will be! The everything that was and the everything you want it to be.  Use me well my children for I am as fragile as you.  You call me light I come when I am called and I come with joy.  I carry the ying and the yang and I blow away your cobwebs on a summer day.  Breath feel know I am the dark of your light and I permeate balance when you listen and call me.  I am the energy of your life and my will is to clear and refill and feed your being with love.  Be gentle sweet child to you live in joy sweet child for you the creator made you as you are a shining beautiful star and I am your now let us begin walk this way my friend I love you.

Love and light Demici.

copyright @ Demici 17/Aug/2015

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