Question : How does one raise their vibration?

Today a wonderful question was asked in a chat on Facebook

How does one raise their vibration?

Good Question.

Live a life of knowing you, warts and all. Sharing with others what you can and making your and their space as comfortable as you can. That does not mean you making their rules for life, but you accept that they make their own choices and live the consequences that their actions take them to.

At the same time you do not live in their choices you also make your own. To do this you learn you. You learn and know what you think you need and take the bull by the horns and be ready for the consequences that come your way. Each choice leads to consequence, each consequence leads to an emotional reaction. It is in that emotional reaction that you learn about you. In that emotional reaction you choose, at that point to take the negative way or the positive way.

The positive is the way that feels right and good and the feeling of joy and continues and grows, or the negative way if you choose that. Has that initial blast of ‘wow this is good’ but the feeling does not last it eats away at you and your doubts grow as the warm thrill feeling falls away.

Now is the time to choose again! And let go! Choosing a different action and accepting a different consequence through a different set of emotions or even the same helps you to learn.

By feeling we can understand. By feeling we can make a choice. By feeling we judge.  Be sure you judge only yourself. Be sure you judge only using a balance of what you know will make space between you and other people comfortable.  And then you can achieve a feeling of ‘wha this is beautiful!’ and by feeling you can understand and by feeling you can make a choice.

By feeling and growing and judging you ask ‘did I grow, did I glow?’  Now you know that, that wonderful glow and growing is lifting your vibration through making, what is for you, good choices.   Now you’ll find that answer that you seek.

But the thing is to lift your vibration takes a whole long journey, all your life.  And there will be times when you make a wrong choice.  In making that wrong choice you get that ‘whoof’ feeling so make another.  And in making a right choice you get that ‘Whoo’.  So make another but use that same feeling and in that growing there is a knowing and in that knowing you pass that on because it is your heart that you speak from.

That is my answer to how does one raise their vibration.  To know you my darling, to love you and to judge only you and to be strong in your knowledge of who you are.  Enjoy the discovery.  Because my feeling from the person that asked this question.  Is that their vibration is raised anyway.  It oscillates at the level that your physical body needs at that physical time.  Your mental capacity is to understand, and in that understanding you let go.  And that is how you raise your vibration.

Love and light Demici

copyright @ Demici 30 July 2015

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