Visit home to heal self and send healing to the earth.

Before  you start this mediation please put aside at least 30 minutes but longer if you think you will need it.  Remember you can stop and start this sound file when ever you want to.  The music playing in the back ground is called Merliln’s Magic.  You may like to have a drink of water handy too for when you come out of the relaxed state of meditation.

Breath in and out and let the high notes of the music lift you.  Let the low notes take all that is not needed away.  Feel the flow of energy washing through you and into ever cell of your being.  Let it flood every cell in your being with healing light.  As it lights up the new and the needed parts of your being it turns off and washes away all that is not needed.  Feel the joy and let the pain of all flow away.

You find yourself in a garden that you have been in many times before.  You see the one who will accompany you on this journey to the stars.  You embrace and share energy and thoughts with this being of light and love.  Ask as many questions you have of this being.  Take your time and know the answers will stay with you.

Now you are shown a door way.  You open it and walk through it.  You enter an elevator that takes you high up to the star of your home.  As you step out of the elevator you are greeted by those who you love and who love you.  This place is the most peaceful place you have ever been to.  You feel at home here.  Absorb this feeling and let yourself know this is true home for you. It is where you were born a star seed many, many ages ago.  Your friends show you a monitor screen.  They give you food and drink.  You sit in a wonderful chair and watch the pictures that are playing on the monitor screen.  As you watch you see your own life journey flow past.  Not just this one but many life journeys and you see the pattern of growth.  This is your growth over many life times and you can now see the lessons that are learnt and the ones that are given but not understood yet.  Watch, know, feel, let go.  With every high note feel the love shining with every low note let go of all past and present feelings of emotions and pain that are no more needed.

As the video of your whole life being comes to an end.  Your friends come and show you their temple of light.  The place you were first taken to before you set off to visit the universe and come to this life.  You find your place with these beings of light and join as they send the light to the universe and to the Earth.  Watch as their healing requests join the light of the moon, the stars and the sun.  Watch as this light flows with the cosmic winds and through the atmosphere of the earth.  It passes through the clouds.  See it flow into everything here, all the animals, the people, the mountains, the seas, the land.  Watch it go deep, deep into the middle of the earth healing everything that it touches.  Now as you watch the friends say time to return to your life and your world.  You enter the elevator and find that you are back in the garden.  Say goodbye to the guide who went and came back with you.  Feel your senses return to your body and physical conscious mind, knowing you have been healed, knowing that you are safe warm and fully in your consciousness.  Wiggle your fingers and toes and take a sip of water if you have some.  Know you can go back there anytime you want to.

Love and light Demici

this recoding has music playing in the background.

You can purchase The Heart Of Reiki on Amazon,eMusic and other retailers-or check out Merlin’s Magic’s entire catalog and features,and get it directly from their label,at
-Copyright: Inner Worlds Music Inc-

The tape has not music playing in the back ground.

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