Tool to help with grief

I would like to share with you a tool to help with the grief process of losing someone who has died.

I have used this tool over the years quite a few times with people who are going through that awful process of learning to live in this life without the person that they love.

So first of all find a picture of this wonderful soul. Put it in a place where you have to turn to it.

And then talk to the picture.  Share all that you would have shared with them if they had been there in the physical world.  Share the fun of the day, share the worries of the day and share the pain and the anger.  It is perfectly ok to shout at the person and ask them, ‘Why did they leave you?’  They left you because they had to.  But that doesn’t help with the letting go. So they quite understand that you have to be angry.     And when you are doing this in the privacy of your own room and your own time, it is just a form of letting go.  And then share all the joys all your hopes and ask them to help you in some way shape or form.  It is not always your spirit people who are there sending you the help.  They send their requests to the angels and the angels are the ones who actually make things happen and that actually help you.  So don’t feel worried that you are holding your spirit friend back from developing because they actually want to help you to move forward as well because as you move forward so they move forward.

Ok once again get a picture of this wonderful person that you feel you have lost.  Put it in a place where you actually have to physically go and sit down and look at it.  And then share your day with that person share your life as you would have done here.  And over time with this tool things will improve.  I wish you joy I wish you happiness and until such time as you can let go I offer you my hand in friendship so that you may do this thing.  Love and light Demici

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