Spirit Energy Encounters

Two Cassette decks playing together.

The day I first knew spirit could manipulate Energy to make electrical equipment do things it is not designed to do.

I was a developing healer and I attended the healing service at Castleford Spiritualists Church on Lower Oxford Street Castleford.

This particular day the healers outnumbered the people who came for healing.  So I offered to sit on a healing chair and receive healing instead of giving it.  The healing service always had music playing quietly in the background.  They used a double cassette player radiogram to play the cassettes.  Only one side of the cassettes tape deck players had a cassette in it, the one that was playing.  When I sat on the chair in the church and the healer put their hands on my shoulder.  I soon relaxed and then I suddenly became aware of the music but someone was talking at the same time.  It was a mans voice answering my questions about things that I was asking about. The man who spoke was telling me that all my questions would be answered in time and my nun novice guide was talking to me as well.  I could also here music coming from both the tape decks as well as the voices.  The other people in the room could hear the music playing from both tape decks.  When the healer had finished the healing and my guides had stopped talking to me we all went to look at the machine. Yes sure enough there was only one tape in one of the tape decks the other one was empty.  The wheels were spinning.  Very strange!!

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