How I got my photograph the Blue Orb

my blue orb
my blue orb

How I got my photograph with the Blue Orb.

The picture I use as my avatar and the one that is in this blog on my profile. Is another occasions of spirit letting me know that they were there and manipulating what was to hand, for them to use. I wanted to put a picture of myself onto the social media chat room profile.  And provide the site with a picture of me to post on their main page.  So I asked my friend to take a picture of me with my new Samsung phone.  He took a picture of me and said, “oh that is strange.”  I looked at the picture and saw that it had that blue orb at my throat.  I stood back in the same position and asked him to take a second picture to see if it was still there.  No it was not!  The pictures were taken only seconds apart.

20131213_121515 (1)
The second picture of me taken 2 minutes after the first one.

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