The Road

The Road

When the waves are high

And you feel you want to die

Hold your head up to the sky

Feel the life blood from on high

Do not deny the eye

Please cry.

Open the mind and you will find

Therein lies the crystal heart

That spins and glows with life treasures unwind

There is the way the path you take today

Through earth wind and fire

You find your hearts desire

Yet in that find

Your way is combined

With tears laughter and knowing

You are still growing

Animals a plenty

Fill up your life that’s empty

Yet in that telling there is not heart yelling

For now you know that the soul does grow

With self and self alone in this you are never ever alone

Look to the stars and you will find your own Mars.

Bounce the ball high

Let it bounce in the sky

Till the ground well

And find the wishing well

Where faeries tend

And rain bows end

When the clock strikes twelve

Then it is time to run

But till that time life is never done

Only you may know the pain you hold

Yet others can see the marks you mould

Of weariness and old regrets

All can be wiped out and fears redressed

When you hold out your hand and receive Gods Good rain.

One two three four

Who is knocking at the door

Only me my lovely one

And smile please our journeys begun

Stand in the thorns Take the bull by the horns

Face your fears and have no tears

In the knowing you are growing

Look to nature and you will yourself nurture

Little children stand so small

Yet in their they know it all

Simple is the way of life

And simple takes away all strife

Why wait for me to call

So you can stop yourself a fall

I cannot hold your hand each day

So please my darling find your way.

I am not dead you know I’m not

But what you know is I hate you not

I am a spirit in the sky

You know no soul ever die

When the trains and busses run

The day is full of summer sun

When fireside embers fill the night

You smile in simple fire light

Where candles are no more the fear

But that my darling I may be near

When the teddy bear is no more needed

When parent wishes no longer headed

When life is such you can let go

Why do you hold on so.

Aches and pains do not hold your shell

It is the living pain you make so well

Come take the angels hands and heal

For in that doing you can seal

The way you want to always be

I am not dead so think of me.

I give to you this day

A butter cup to show the way

Tomorrow it will be a feather

And please go walk the heather

Blink your eye

See me walk by

Then trust your instinct

Listen see its only me

Rock pools

Bucket spade

Walks along the esplanade

Now my dear I walk with you

In everything you always do.

Copyright @ Demici 15 July 2015

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