Healing Room

This exercise is one that is useful to help you get the chatter out of your life.  To find the inner you and to listen to your own needs and wants.

Take about 20 minutes out of your day and keep a record of your daily visits.  You will find a pattern emerge if you do this.  Do not look at what you wrote once you finished writing for 1 week then read daily you will find answers and you will be able to be more at peace with the world and with your spirituality.  NO spirit people are to come in this room.  Do not share what your room looks like with anyone this is your space and so it is your inner self.

OK make sure you have water to sip when you come back from your visit to your inner sanctuary.

Put your feet on the floor and sit comfortably

relax your body and breath gently

let each thought come and go

take no notice of the thoughts that come in

now when you are relaxed

see yourself in front of the front door of a house you know very very well.

go up to the door and open it.  Now this is where it may be different to the real place you are thinking about.

There is a staircase in front of you

Climb up that staircase to the very very top

at the top there is a door that is locked

the key hangs on the wall

take the key and open the door

Enjoy the feeling that comes from this place

it is peaceful and you are safe to go in the door

close it and lock it behind you

then hand the key on the hook on the wall

look around the room

absorb the light

the feeling

the love that comes from everything in this room

look to one side there is a little kitchen

with all the things you may need in a kitchen

go over and fill the kettle

then open the doors and draws

there are many little bottles and jars and tins

they each have a label on them but no writing on the label

as you pick up a tin you see the words Tea bags for peace and joy

come on the lable

the kettle boils and you make a cup of tea with these tea bags.

now find a biscuit or cookie

reach down a plate and go to the chair in the middle of the room

this chair is the most comfortable chair you have ever seen

it is sitting in the middle of a ray of sun light that comes from the window.

sit in the chair and put your cup and plate on the table

and relax in the sun shine

soak up that healing ray

sip your drink and eat your food

now take the pen that is on the table and the note pad

and write your worries and your concerns

on that note pad.

put it down and get up stretch your legs and go to the window

you look out to the world a wonderful view

open spaces

buildings and grand views

watch as you see the world turning around you.

know that all is right and the world is happy.

now return to the table and the chair

there are answers written on the page you left blank

read them and know you were answered

you will remember

now take your cup and plate to the kitchen and wash them up

make sure the room is tidy and go back to the door

take the key down from the hook and unlock the door

now walk through and lock the door behind you

hang the key on the hook

go down the stairs

back outside the house

take one last look at the house and know you are safe

know you got the answer

now as you feel your fingers and toes

wiggle them and stretch

then take a sip of water

while  you can still remember what happened, how you felt, what you saw in the room and out of the window, write it down and keep it safe

date your records you will need to know in the future.

make one last inventory of how you feel are you grounded bubbled and centred?

ok thank you for listening I hope you enjoyed this journey.

love and light


copyright Demici @ 5 July 2015

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