Connecting to the universal life force energy and connecting to the ground energy to strengthen your own energy.

In this exercise we will consciously connect to our cord of life.

This cord is constantly there and always has been but until you opened up to using the energy in the way you use it.  Only your spirit self knew it was there and it fed your mental self which passed the energy to your physical self at the full unconscious level of your being.

Ok make sure you will not be disturbed and that you have plenty of time to follow these instructions.  Have a drink of water handy and do not lie down to do this exercise.

In your mind reach up to the middle of the universe and find a star there with a pulsating energy that feels very very familiar to you.

Now pull that energy down into your whole being and let it flush out any and all pain and unneeded energy.  Feel this universal energy feeding every cell in your body as it goes down into the middle of the Earth.

At the same time let your feet send out roots like tree roots to the crystal that is the middle of the earth.  The light energy from the universe will follow down to this crystal and remove all pain and unwanted energy as it moves in this way.

Now feel the energy from the crystal that is the middle of the earth as it flow up your legs and your body following the same path that the universal energy took on its way down.  The earth energy also clears and feed every cell in your body giving you a feeling of being warm and safe and full of love and light.

Now watch this earth energy flow up to the star where the universal energy is coming from. Watch the two energies flow like the DNA string making a rope structure that consist of the two energies twisted together.  They will look and feel like a very fat cable.

Now see yourself being absorbed into this very wide cable of light.  You are inside this energy and it is flowing clearing and feeding you with the love that only can come from these two energies connecting you to the Universe and to the Earth.

Now feel a shower of energy washing your aura and clearing all that is not yours,

filling you with light and balance.

As you watch you become a bead on this light rope/cable/string.  You can now slide up and down this cable of light till you feel balanced, safe, loved and grounded.  At the same time you feel your own physical energy being connected to your own light energy.  Know you are now connected to the earth and the universe and this is permeant.  To open up and work as you do you can slide up this energy conductor.  To close down you can slide down this energy conductor till you feel balanced and connected to your physical life. Take your time doing this it will take several times for you to get the full feeling of being balanced. This is because each and every one of us vibrates at a different frequency so you have to find your own balance.  Please play with sliding up and down till you are happy with the way you feel.

There are more of these types of exercise to follow.

Look for-:

  1. the tap for working with guides and angels
  2. the tap for clearing energy and controlling pain

Love and light Demici

copyright @ Demici 6 June 2015


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