De-cording from another person.

Cording and De-cording from a person or a thing.

If you find yourself very, very tired and cannot find a physical reason for this.  If you have grounded and bubbled and centred yourself and if you have eaten and slept properly then there may be a cord or cable attached to your aura and the energy that you are exchanging with the person on the other end is using your kinetic energy rather than Universal energy to aid the other person.

In this exercise we will find the

  1. cable of light that is our life line and needs to be left alone.
  2. Any cables of light that are attached to another person
  3. Build a connection to the earth and the universe
  4. Remove the cable connected to your aura
  5. Place this other person in the connection that you built
  6. Leave them in the hands of the angels so that they can be fully helped to have their own energy.
  7. Refill your own energy.

Look around or feel around your aura.

See the bright light that is a cable connecting you to the universe and the earth.  This cable is very bright and full of life and is the cord of life that runs through all your chakras.

Now to find if you are corded to another person look and feel for another cord much like the life line but it is much duller and can be attached anywhere in your aura.  Above your head under your feet anywhere but mostly will be in the heart sola plexus area of your being at the front or the back.

Once you have found this cord you can follow it to find out who is on the other end or you can just follow the instructions below.

Imagine a pillar of light, it can be as large as you like.  This pillar goes from the centre of the universe to the centre of the earth.

Now take a pair of golden scissors and cut the cord/cable as close to your being as possible.

Put an electric plug onto the end of the cord that is connected to the other being.

Then plunge it into the white light pillar.

Watch the pillar move over the person and encase them in the love that it holds.  This pillar is now sending the energy they thought they needed from you.  But at a level that is best for their whole being.

Watch as the Angel of love takes over the care of this person and say thank you.  Then let go.


Thank you for caring love and light Demici.

copyright (Rosemary Sladden)  Demici @ 20 May 2015

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