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Christmas aftermath.

When the rattle of paper bags is over
choices made since October.
when the presents are all lined up
when you find some time to rest.
then remember why
remember the I
remember the love
that braught you to this place
then let the pain of the christmas race
fall into it’s rightful place.

When the arguments of greed
begin to succeed
make you feel like an unwanted weed
take stock
of all you have got
when expectations cannot be met
just know you have the greaest of presents yet
to give and to share
from the arms of a rocking chair.
Remember the I
remember the love
then see the tears you cry
are not made from any loving heart
but from where life is pulled apart
remember greed comes from those who fain they care
they will not attend your rocking chair
when you have done all you can
and cannot meet the needs of man
then turn to love and grow
in peace then you will know.
you are the I
no more tears escape the eye
for love is all
you answered the call.

Demici copyright @ ‎16 ‎December ‎2012 04:26:42 PM

Be who you are.

Be who you are.

Sit In the light of the moon we send you peace, in the light of the stars we send you joy, in the light of the sun we send you strength and from our sister the earth we send you the love of life that she provides. Look for the signs and thank the universe for her/his love. Never forget you are the ones who were chosen to exist as human form in this time and space. Walk in acceptance of self as you have the right to this life to make it as you choose and to grow in understanding. Peace be with you and with all who come into your life.

The healing angels.

copy right @ Demici  7 April 2015.

What is Disability

What is disability?

A state of mind

A place where people can be unkind

Where nature and nurture forget to communicate

Where one or other forgets to close the gate

And where paths divide

Unkind word chide

Many do not know the way

To the others kind of day

To see the hobbled body where boundaries abound

Shows how to make that friendship sound

There are other ways

To behold disabilities gaze

In the eyes and in the tongue that make unanswerable phrase

OH my please dry your eye.

I am my own disability and all I need is your ability

To hold my hand and understand

I am me

The one like you who is free.

Mind cannot behold

Something that is or is not bold

Mind cannot know

Each path that others have to go

Yet My mind

Is me

Oh can’t you see

I am like you free

Yet my mind holds me fettered

I am so shattered

With invisibilities cloak

I am not just a piece of coke

To be burnt and tossed away

Yes my friend I am here to stay

I do not know I do not fit in

Is that such a sin

To want to belong

To sing with you our summer song

Do not judge my state of mind

Just hold out your hand to me be kind

Copyright @ Demici 31 March 2015.