Connecting to the Universe and the Earth finding the balance in you

To prepare for this exercise

Please set time aside so that you will not be disturbed.

Have water to sip at the end of this exercise

Make yourself comfortable.

Sit rather than lay down as this exercise is to help to align you with the energy flow

Find a piece of music or sit in quiet


Breathe gently in a natural way.

As you breathe in.

Feel the joy of the energy flow

Accepting what is with the in breath

Letting go of what is not needed with the out breath.



Breathe easy and do not take any notice of any thoughts that distract your mind.

See your feet becoming roots

They grow deep down into the earth till they reach the crystal that is the centre of our mother earth.

Let your roots spread out around you as far as twice you are tall.

Feel that crystal energy flowing up into your whole being

Let it fill each cell of you and your aura

Making you feel safe and needed and loved

Now let this wonderful energy flow up as you reach up to the stars moon and sun with your mind

Feel the wonderful invigorating energy from

The Sun Stars and moon flowing down to meet and mingle with the energy that mother earth fills you with.

Feel this energy flowing in every part of you filling you with joy

Anticipation acceptance of what is.

All that is wonderful in your life and all that is sent from the universe.

As you feel these energies you feel safe warm connected and whole.

Now watch the universe energy flow down deep into the earth and become part of the crystal feeding it with the energy that it needs too

Watch the two energies that form light strings holding you safe to both the universe and mother earth they form the DNA string of life filling you with love and wholeness.

Let this wonderful energy fill the immediate area all around you and making you and that the whole.  Connected too so what which matters most to you and yet detached from all that is of no use to you.

Now as it is time to be back in the physical you see these light lines connected and yourself part of them they hold you safe and cut out all that is not needed for you or by you.

Watch the flow slow down and become part of your everyday being.

Know as you feel your body return to your normal state that you do not need to feel others your do not need to carry their burdens but they held in their own string of this energy.

When you are safe and feeling the joy of life you see yourself as a bead on this string of life.

Take a sip of your water and move around.  Enjoy your life and know you are well loved and fed with the life force energy you need.

Love and light thank you for following this Demici.


One more thing you can do this exercise whenever you feel vulnerable tired disconnected because what you are connecting to is the energy that is yours what you are blocking out is the energy that is not your.  Enjoy.

Copyright Demici @ 13 Jan 2015 at 03:44

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