Angel sitting on a wall

Today I saw an angel sitting on a wall

I asked it why it sat there waiting for my call

It said to me so woefully

I came because you did not call

Because I knew you needed me

Your light has gone so small


I hear your life is not so good and you are walking in a dark dark wood

So now I sit upon this garden wall and wait for you to call

But in your sorrow you did not see the sparrow

That came with his golden arrow

You did not stop to look at all the flowers listen to the bees

Or sit and hear the message from the trees


You ran around in numbness cloy

And lost your will there was no joy

So now I sit on your garden wall

Till you once again can stand so tall


I channel light to make yours bright

And guide you through your night

For in the tomorrows sun

Your new path and life has begun


Then I can sit upon the wall and see you are no longer small

But full of joy and full of sun

Then you can sing your summer song

Share what you have not

The makings of another

But hold not tight to your forsaken ladder

For child I sit in all the weather, till it is time for you to walk with me in the everlasting heather.


Tell me your woes

Your worries too

Then share your joy in days to come

So we can always sit together in the heather beneath the sun.

Love and light Demici


Copyright @ Demici 8th Jan 2015 at 15:06

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