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The Autumn of my life

The autumn of my life

Sung by Sgt Barry Sadler

the song is found on YouTube if you want to listen to it.

the words are as Follows

I’m going down to the river and watch the leaves drift by

I am going down to the river and watch me life go by

This is the autumn of my life

I remember joy and strife

I’m just like the restless river

Always moving on and on

The river once was young like me

When first rushed to meet the sea

But now it’s old with passing years

My river is a sea of tears

I’m going down to the river and watch the leaves drift by

I’m going down to the river and watch my life go by

This is the autumn of my life

Gone is the love that once was mine

Gone in the autumn of my life

This song made me think and it made me cry then it made me think again.  This is what I came up with.

Yes I’m going down to the river to watch the leaves drift by

To see the beauty in the autumn colours in those leaves. To see how events in my life have marked moulded and aged me.

Boy I hope I have as much colour as those leaves!

Yes I have many things in my life flooding back to me at the moment.  Many memories good, bad, and yes, some of them ugly, some were because things were out of my control and some were my reaction to someone else while others were my own making.  The tears and the thinking are aids to sorting out this jumble of what cannot be changed but can be understood.

It is the way of age.  And just like my bank balance I have to assess it now and again.

So yes I am going down to the river to watch the leaves drift by

But I am not going down to the river to watch my life pass by.

I will remember what is beautiful what is useful and what I was not proud of

I will take into ownership and take action, where there is still time, and put things right where I can.  I will hold my head up high and let go of what is of no use to me.

Yes gone is the love of my life but as one door closed another opened so I change just like the river.  I honour that love, I bless that love and remember the fun and the strife for they are part of me.

As the river flows to the sea so I flow to my old age and the new me

Whatever age I am as long as I can get up in the morning and can see or feel the love of the universe and the energy of the brightest star I know I will be fine.

I will be who I am as I cannot change what was but I can change what is.

So yes this song made me think and it helped me to see, that watching the leaves pass by and reliving the sad times in my life does not need me to sit and let the rest of my life drift by.

Thank you Barry Sadler God rest your soul and may your voice and words build hope in all who hear it.

Love and light Demici

Connecting to the Universe and the Earth finding the balance in you

To prepare for this exercise

Please set time aside so that you will not be disturbed.

Have water to sip at the end of this exercise

Make yourself comfortable.

Sit rather than lay down as this exercise is to help to align you with the energy flow

Find a piece of music or sit in quiet


Breathe gently in a natural way.

As you breathe in.

Feel the joy of the energy flow

Accepting what is with the in breath

Letting go of what is not needed with the out breath.



Breathe easy and do not take any notice of any thoughts that distract your mind.

See your feet becoming roots

They grow deep down into the earth till they reach the crystal that is the centre of our mother earth.

Let your roots spread out around you as far as twice you are tall.

Feel that crystal energy flowing up into your whole being

Let it fill each cell of you and your aura

Making you feel safe and needed and loved

Now let this wonderful energy flow up as you reach up to the stars moon and sun with your mind

Feel the wonderful invigorating energy from

The Sun Stars and moon flowing down to meet and mingle with the energy that mother earth fills you with.

Feel this energy flowing in every part of you filling you with joy

Anticipation acceptance of what is.

All that is wonderful in your life and all that is sent from the universe.

As you feel these energies you feel safe warm connected and whole.

Now watch the universe energy flow down deep into the earth and become part of the crystal feeding it with the energy that it needs too

Watch the two energies that form light strings holding you safe to both the universe and mother earth they form the DNA string of life filling you with love and wholeness.

Let this wonderful energy fill the immediate area all around you and making you and that the whole.  Connected too so what which matters most to you and yet detached from all that is of no use to you.

Now as it is time to be back in the physical you see these light lines connected and yourself part of them they hold you safe and cut out all that is not needed for you or by you.

Watch the flow slow down and become part of your everyday being.

Know as you feel your body return to your normal state that you do not need to feel others your do not need to carry their burdens but they held in their own string of this energy.

When you are safe and feeling the joy of life you see yourself as a bead on this string of life.

Take a sip of your water and move around.  Enjoy your life and know you are well loved and fed with the life force energy you need.

Love and light thank you for following this Demici.


One more thing you can do this exercise whenever you feel vulnerable tired disconnected because what you are connecting to is the energy that is yours what you are blocking out is the energy that is not your.  Enjoy.

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To days thoughts 8th Jan 2015

Hi my Facebook friends Happy new year.  OH boy it is already the 8th Jan and the days are moving fast.  I hope you managed to stay with your New Year resolutions if you did not then re-think them.  Re-plan them.  Start again and this time be kind to yourself.  Do not set too big a task for yourself.  Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?  The tortoise was willing to keep going and do a little plodding one step at a time till he got to the end.  The hare well he stopped and started and stopped again.  And then he forgot to watch the road so when he was napping tortoise he passed old hare.  That is what happens to our good intentions.  We set the goal too big and then we set off at a good pace but when the hill gets too steep we stop for a rest. Then we slide and one day becomes two days then three weeks and the year has gone.


That my friend is called procrastination (To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness and to postpone or delay needlessly) I am as guilty as anyone else on this score; Hence my horror at seeing the date this day when I had a bill to pay.  Yes I only notice the dates when something important happens.  I dream my day away.  Well to dream is fine that is how you find out what you want and what you don’t want.  Then you have to put into practice that dream.  Remember that film the Field of dreams?  He built it and they came.  So make this your motto for 2015.  I build my dream and then they will see.  Or rather I will see.


Yes do not wait for the first day of the year to make your resolution.  Make it again today if like me you have slipped.  Dream break down the dream into manageable steps and then plod one day at a time like the tortoise.  Do not give yourself a bad time for failing as in the failing we often find what was wrong with the original plan.  Start again and keep on starting again just like the song Pick your-self up and dust your-self off and start all over again.

Love and light Demici

Angel sitting on a wall

Today I saw an angel sitting on a wall

I asked it why it sat there waiting for my call

It said to me so woefully

I came because you did not call

Because I knew you needed me

Your light has gone so small


I hear your life is not so good and you are walking in a dark dark wood

So now I sit upon this garden wall and wait for you to call

But in your sorrow you did not see the sparrow

That came with his golden arrow

You did not stop to look at all the flowers listen to the bees

Or sit and hear the message from the trees


You ran around in numbness cloy

And lost your will there was no joy

So now I sit on your garden wall

Till you once again can stand so tall


I channel light to make yours bright

And guide you through your night

For in the tomorrows sun

Your new path and life has begun


Then I can sit upon the wall and see you are no longer small

But full of joy and full of sun

Then you can sing your summer song

Share what you have not

The makings of another

But hold not tight to your forsaken ladder

For child I sit in all the weather, till it is time for you to walk with me in the everlasting heather.


Tell me your woes

Your worries too

Then share your joy in days to come

So we can always sit together in the heather beneath the sun.

Love and light Demici


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The Way to live for 2015

Dare to say hi to a stranger every day.

Smile and in a little while you will have new friends

Laugh with them and create

remember to walk through futures gate

Hold out your hand and show that you do not fear

so that you can be a lamp for those who are near.

For now is the new year.

Let go of the old that is gone

Hold out your hand and grasp the sun

For now is your day

your way

and the worlds joy

It is no longer a rich man’s toy

Care for it.

Grow it.

Mother Earth will guide you.

live in pace

love and light


share it.

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