Healing mediation to let go of all and embrace the new.

Before you start to follow this mediation turn off all distractions, make sure you have water to sip at the end, ensure that you are not sitting in a draft.  Now find a comfortable sitting position either on a chair with feet flat on the floor or in a cross legged position on the floor.

Do not follow this mediation in bed.

there is also an mp3 sound file at the bottom of this post if you want to follow it.


You may wish to also listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ9ZXK7n4sQ

This music is powerful and needs to be listened to at a low volume.


We start with a straight back and feet on the floor.  Relax into nice even breaths that flow in tune with the music.

As you listen to the high notes accept the in breath that comes full of love from the universe.

Let all thoughts come and go, give them no resistance.

Just ignore them as the flow in and out.

With each set of low notes from the music let out all thoughts that do not serve you no matter what they are.

At this moment you do not need them.

With each high note of the music breathe in all light and love that the universe sends to you.

Now as you breathe with the low notes let your feet grow like carrots into the ground see them become tree roots

They become thick and strong as they go deep

deep into the ground.

Watch them or know that as they go deep into the ground they spread out around you.

Taking twice the spread of your height all round you.

Deep to the middle of the earth you find your crystal that generates waves of energy at your level of vibration.

It feeds your being filling you with life and energy.

Now with each high note let your mind be lifted to the centre of the universe.

With each in breath the light fills your body and mingles with that of the earth making you whole.

Feel upwards with your mind spread out the branches that reach to the universe and around you.

Accept all that is energy that you need for this life at this time.

Know that all has life and all is life is you.

You are life and you need the energy that comes from the universe and the earth.

Know that this light energy comes from the moon, stars and sun.

Feel it flowing in you

Through you

Around you

Balancing you

Restoring you

As it baths you in light all the way to the middle of the earth

You see the earth energy

Filling you

Ground you

Holding you safe in the earth energy.

See the string that flows through the middle of you and fills you with your light.

It is connected to the middle of the earth


The middle of the universe

The lights are mingled fully in you,

Around you,

Balancing you

See all that is not needed in your life leave you.

You are done with habits

You are done with connections with others that do not serve you anymore.

You are done with worries that waste your days.

You are done with emotions connected to the past that has taught you but no longer teaches.

You are done with everything that holds you back in any way.

You are done with connections with others that serve to hold you back.

See them standing in their own light getting on with their life in the way that is best for them.

Feel each drop of unwanted useless energy flow watch it as it goes on its way.

For now you are whole and brighter

Because of all of these have only left their lessons mark in your being.

They do not hinder or cause distress.

You have de-activated it.

There is nothing to this type of energy for you

Now it is neutral and clear.


Feel the light of the new energy flowing into you from mother earth.

Given in love from all that is physical in the energy form that serves you and helps you to grow.

Now feel the light of the universe filling you with light

To help you transform the light of the earth and all that is physical

To a new understanding that serves to help you

Filling you with warm wonderful light of love

See this love in you

Around you

Going out to all that is in the physical

All that is around you

Know you only accept what you need

Know your mind, body, energy will accept what is needed

As you pass through this life on the journey you started many, many life times and moons ago.

Know that this life is going the way it needs to go

That you can and do only need what you receive

That all that is not needed in your life has gone.

Now let the high notes flow in you and around you filling you with what is needed.

The first meditation is to clear the energy you can stop this recording now if you do not wish to join the healing light at this time.


Healing is being sent to the world

As we all come together in love

We start to send out the fully balanced clear energy to the world

See it light up the world around you where you live

Out to the horizon in all directions

Now as you watch you find you have gone to sit on a star

from there you can see the whole of the earth as she revolves below you

See this light filling all dark places.

Now send to all who are in your thoughts all who have requested healing include your self.


Stop this recording until you have finished this part of the healing. Or just know that the healing is going to all.

Now when you are ready start the journey back to self

Let the low notes guide you back to self

Let the high notes fill your being with light

See yourself slide down the rope of light that connects you to the universe and to the earth.

Balance back to a clear self

Ready for your time of day

Able to do what it is you are going to do.

May all your days be filled with joy and

All you nights filled with dreams that

Hold you in love.


Thank you for listening Love and light Demici.


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