Wibbly Wobbly (a grandmothers wish)

Wibbly Wobbly walk my child

Like a wobbly man small and mild

Totter and weave your little frame

Over the floor to the window pane

Sit in the middle of the room

And guide your cars broom broom

Now that you’ve grown big and strong

You can now sing your summer song

Walk in the heather in all kinds of weather

Looking at life from eyes wise and young

You are my wonderful grandson so strong

I sit in the time of old and forgetful

And know that I still love you and am here when your fretful

I know that you grew with love in your heart

And know that it’s with you wherever you go

For even if life is full of snow

You will stand tall and strong among men

And you will know that life is only a pen

For the wise the lonely the strong and the weak

And you are here your journey to seek

Good luck Good health and some little bit of wealth

I wish you this day and always grandson of mine

And know that I am always with you in mind

For when you are lonely and lost on your way

Then is the time to say hay I need your help

Please listen today.

Demici Coppy right @ 15 December 2014

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