Remember the day when the meadow sang

Remember the day we danced by the mill

Remember the way to say I love you still

When the stars shine you will be mine

When the wind blows you always know

I am here by your side in the dead of the night

When your mind is in turmoil you are full of fright

It is only my wanting to be with you my dear

I’m only a wish away so wipe your tear

Come to the meadow and sit by the mill

Listen to the song of the cuckoo over the hill

Sit in the old wooden rocking chair

And know that I am always there.

Hold a fancy in your mind

Create what is there and unwind

Walk in your heart at the end of the day

Then my child you have found your way


A channelled poem that was finished off today 14/04/2014  At 02:20

Copyright @ Demici.  14/04/2014  At 02:20

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