I climbed the mountain and saw the way

I sat in the forest and lost the day

It was there where I forgot to play

Held in the deep dark thing you all call fear.

Then you came showed me you were near

My guides my protectors my friends in the dell

You showed me that I my new life I can now tell

Now all of my gifts I want to grow

Is that why you came to show me you know

Now the way is open again

I can grow without pain.

I sat in the stars with the moon

Where puppies were born way too soon

In the light of the stars moon and sun I stand

There wolves guide hold my hand

They lead me along paths to my promised land.

Show me my way and teach me joy as we play

Protected I am and protected you’ll be

So now my dear child you can run and fly free.


Copyright Demici @ 14th April 2014.

Message from the guides 14 April 2014 at 22:16 .

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