We Are All mediums in one way or another.

Hi my family spirit people in this world.  Spirit wants us to know that there are many different kinds of mediums. What makes us a medium is the link to the listening and passing on the love that spirit share with us in all its many form.  That is a medium.  Someone who works for and with spirit weather they know it or not!

Some of the most important mediums who have given spirit’s message to the world and enable human growth in all its developments, are people who would never ever call themselves a medium.   But they were influenced by spirit and listened in their own way.  It was the idea that came from nowhere, the accidental discovery of methods of production, or mixtures of elements to create and make new or different out of familiar.  The careful eye that saw more and aided the development of ideas that came from the questions that rose up in the minds.  All these were influenced by spirit, either the persons own spirit fuelled by inner knowledge or spirits who’s communication from the next world was listened to and acted upon.  In this way they were mediums as a medium is someone who is a link between the spirit world and this one.

There are many ways people do this.  What about Florence Nightingale? What made her so special and made her regiment cleanliness in the war zone hospital?  The scientists James Watson and Professor Frances Crick  who along with Dr Rosalind Franklin and Professor Maurice Wilkins, discovered the DNA structure and opened the door to our new understanding of how to find out about life, how it is made and why we get life.

Then what about Stephen Hawkins who has opened our thought to the infinite, and helps us ask the right questions, so that we can now see the makeup of the universe.  He also showed the world that our mind is a wonderful instrument and can be housed in all kinds of physical structures so why are we still writing off children who have different ways of thinking?  This opens our understanding to the possible fact that we each have a purpose in life and the physical or mental capacity to perform our tasks in this world.  Are they not mediums? People who are influenced by spirit because they have an open accepting mind?  Or what about the Right Brothers or Stephenson who built the Rocket and the first railway line between Middlesbrough and Stockton.  Their inventions lead to the growth of mass movement over distance of the human.  So that towns can link up and trade and share information and ways of living.

Then there are newer people who have been and are the peace makers of the world, like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela and Sister Teresa who taught acceptance of each other.  Then there is Mo Molan who showed the people involved in the Irish struggle, that if they built peace in the form of accepting everyone has different points of view and that if they accepted this they could live together in peace without taking away from the other.  She along with other like-minded people was able to help bring an end to that conflict.  All these leaders were able to show humanity that it is important to be open minded and not see things from the negative all the time.

Then what about the small people you find in your own town?  They set up something that aids all the people in your town?   Where do you think they get their help from?  Yes you got it from spirit, ‘From spirit, through spirit to spirit!’

These people all had open minds that were led by their spirit self and spirit from the next world, who drop ideas into active open minds.  These thoughts observations are used in a way that help ourselves and then help others.  So you see we are all mediums in our own way.

Not all are working on the platform or as healers or anything except being a version of the old man who sits outside the market and has a word of wisdom for the young man or woman who is not coping very well.  They give a smile and their time.

So my family brothers and sisters of spirit who work with spirit you are all mediums.  As you open up to love and light and to the fact that there is more than you will ever know in this lifetime.  Open up to this great wondrous place we call the world.  Rejoice that you are first and foremost spirit in a human body and you exist and cannot die.  Then live in that knowledge.  Accept the spirit you, that gave this body of yours life and will guide this mind of yours to be you.  Accept this thought as your right to be who you are.  Then go with what is you and let the future unfold like a wonderful story that is your life.

Love and light Demici

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    demici posted: “Hi my family spirit people in this world.  Spirit wants us to know that there are many different kinds of mediums. What makes us a medium is the link to the listening and passing on the love that spirit share with us in all its many form.  That is a mediu”


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