We see what we want not the whole.

To the elephants eye

Knaves in perfusion cause confusion

Batons bricks and sticks

Battle front

Glass doors, marble floors.

Student’s fees!

Plea increase

To student’€™s

Societies€™ further needs

Answer social mobility’€™s creed

Counseled by capitalisms greed

They sow the seed

To youths exclusion

While lazy capitalists gain

No small seeds of grain

Play survivals game

Capitalisms focus

To grow no crocus

This spring


Is no hoard

For gold or geld or fat man€™s belt


Create social confusion.

While eagles fly

To the novel winner€™s time release

For freedom in the East

Demici @ Saturday, 22 January 2011 at  5:08 PM

First started 15th Nov 2010

When they announced the cuts in help for students and the lower paid as part of the, ‘€˜we must hurt as we have over spent.’  Announcements by the government. 

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