Picking up the nearly lost

Gentle blows the wind

Warm like well-seasoned wine

Clouds sail over head

I am glad I got out of bed

I sit and watch the clouds

Wonder if it will shower

While I drink my tea

At platform edge

Memories hold my attention

Bring bright memories to my head

Muse about long ago

From a world that once was slow

Train journeys

The Wensleydale steam train

Was once a life line

For people in the high dale

To meet and sell and trade

With people who in different times

Spoke with rough chimes

This time in fantasy is once again to become reality

May I live long enough to see

This track once more used well

Then it someday new tales can tell

When the links are all replaced

by the men who live the steam dream

And the new train stock roles into the station

Then the bus and train will once again race

Through the fields of sheep and corn

When the hill grown sheep are shorn

When the Wensleydale train once again

Carries them from the hills to market towns

My mind returns to modern times

As new train stock roles into the station

All bought from gathered pots of brown leaf stew

Drunk by people like me and you

Me I toss a coin or two

In the pot for a new brew

To help the men who live the steam dream

Re-store my childhood haunts and all the lessons I was taught

These men with their gigantic toys

Play as little boys; toil as grown mean do.

To bring steam joy to me and you

This tea is from the place far away

A journey across the sky

Maybe one two three hours away

Steam Train will conquer once again

Restore this gentle mode of life

With a rebuilt railway line and great steam train.

Can order be reformed and peace be regained

Bye a railway steam train?

My thinking and musing at the rail way station at Leaming Bar North Yorkshire 2010

Demici @ 2010

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