Watching Waiting

Watching Waiting

Giving taking

Hope relating

To the day

When the wage will not pay

Find I am sinking

Thinking sobbing ranting

This is my day

Stretching purse strings

Mending old things

Make them survive another day

For the new I cannot pay

Give me time

Open sky

Just enough to wipe my eye

Give me hope

A knotted rope

Long enough to out this pit climb

Give me silver

Give me gold

A moonlight so gentle it soothes away my doubt

A sunlight so strong I learn to change my song.

Give me a tree and grassy field so that my way ward will does yield

 Let me cogitate, deliberate, ruminate

Let me walk in nature’s gate

Consumerism like a light prism

Dulls in the pail of days poverty

Now naturism has her day and lasts when all is said and done.

Down the ladder up a ladder

Ding dong sing the nature sharing song.

See creation grow your nature so strong.

Now is time to set aside your natural aggressions tide

And see that all is not what it seems to be an illusion to cause confusion.

Truth is what you perceive not based on fact but on your feelings track

So stem the fear tide and create the love wave to create all that is not man made.

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