Where Eagles fly

Where Egals Fly.

In the forest beneath the trees

There I sit at my ease

Looking up into the clear blue sky



asking why

Do Egals fly up in the sky so high

Finding a mound of tussocked grass

I find the answer here at last.

Open your eyes

see no disguse

see now my dear how Egals fly

They turn to the wind and spread the wing

then let the brease help them to swing

over and under the current at ease

they swim in the world that is full of ease.

Now child I say to you this day you can live your life this way

open your mind and let it see

the way the day moves in the ease of me

let your self choose the way to be

and then let the univers sit in the tree

admire the view and the golden hew

let your mind absorb all that is new

watch all the people walk idelly by

and then let your memory make shure we never die.

Some times a thing spoken in jest

you just cant get off your chest

sometimes something that is just in passing

is the thing that is so suprising

let be your joy from me.


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