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keeping a record of your communication with your guides.

Here we begin by getting a note book and a pen.

Have it handy each time you try to link to your spirit guides.

When you feel like it make a written account of your meeting with your guide.

Remember to include how you felt, what you saw, what you heard, what the spirit people showed you and what they said.

Not all spirit communication is about speaking to you or showing themselves to you.  In fact in my experiance I have found that showing themselves to you is the last thing that happens.  I had to earn my guides approval before the started to show themselves to me.  Even now I only get impressions of their size, weather they are were a man or a woman when they had their time here in this existance.

So do take it slowly and enjoy what you are given.

Do not look at what you have written for a week or two  after the spirit meeting.  This is because of two  reasons.

  • 1 if you read it again and it makes the same sense as it did when you wrote it.  You can be sure that it came from your own spirit person.  (we are all spirit people living in this existance so we can contact our own spirit self)
  • 2 If you read it too soon you may make things happen before they should do.

It is best to keep a record for about 3 weeks with 3 weeks worth of meetings inbetween the one you are reading so that you can see, in time, that there is a theme or a pattern to the communication.

I have also had confermation that what I wrote down is being said by other spirit people by looking at other communications.  Or by finding someone else who tells me the same things.  Just ask the spirit people to give you some kind of confermation that what they are saying, showing, or making you feel is true communication from spirit people.

When Life is Easy

When life is easy
Rest a while
Stop, look, listen
Read a book!

Take the time to find the line
That you have may be lost
Sit enjoy the sun’s hot ray
Get ready to face a new day

When life is hard
Know that this is the card
Of your learning
Of your yearning
Grit your teeth
And grow the right way
To sit enjoy the sun’s hot ray
That dawns on this new day

Look back no more
Close the door
To your anguish
Do not languish
In the twilight
Of your winter’s night
Walk tall through tomorrow’s gate
So you no more have to wait
So you can sit in the sun’s hot ray
Of this your brand new day.

Copy right @ Demici
Monday, 28 February 2011