Meditation to meet your guide

Meditation to meet your guide

Open your eyes and see the sky,

Feel the breeze on your face.

The warmth of the sun on your skin

Feel the cool of the grass under your feet.

Hear the cry of birds

And the call of animals

Listen for the sound of the brook

Follow the sound

Walking along a path of clay mud

As you walk you climb grass a bank with flowers on one side they smell wonderful.

When you reach the top of the bank you find a fence.

In the fence is a gate

Sitting on the gate is your guide.

Talk to your guide.

Go with your guide as he/she takes you on your journey.

Space for communication with guide for 5 minutes the time can be increased over time. 

Time is come to come back to the gate

Say goodbye to your guide

Come back to the room the way you went

Know you can meet this guide in this place whenever you want to.

Shake your hands and stamp your feet and drink your water to make sure you are fully back from the meditation.  Write in your journal what you can remember. 

Copy right @  Demici  9/03/2010

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