Weep My Pretty One

Weep My Pretty One


Weep my pretty one

Weep no more

I opened my eyes

When they opened my door

I live beside you

Holding your hand

When you tell of this place

You’re Promised Land.

It is the way

To show life

Can stay

In the light of the world

In the song that is to be heard

When the battle of the world

Was first begun

When the battle of life

Was sung

You learnt

You grew

You knew

Love what the light

Love is the light

True love wins the fight

Life is you

Your world light is unionship

Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers,

Living together in unity

No creed, or tension, pressure or greed

Is the thought that sews future humanities seed.

Hold on to your love

Let it grow bright

So you can lead others into the light.



Copy right Rosemary Sladden (Demici) @ 30 July 2009



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