The way we are.



The way we are.


My name is I want I want

my game is always change

I hold your heart so tightly

and treat your life so lightly


Your mind is my mind

your way is my way

stillness is unkind

recklessness you unwind.


Show us the way you say

Take me to the promised place

and I show you the race

where we keep the ace


you and I can always renew

those things we need so true

by and by life will be empty

for I will have left you






You see I cannot be true

to those who do not want and want

they tranquillity seek

So bye my friend our pact must end

Life has made you see

The falsehood that is me.


I want I want

the thrill of new and always new

of uselessness and uselessness

I know we once found

but you don’t want me around

for I spent every pound.


My name is I want I want

and you are my star

scratch your scar

so I’ll be back

I’ll show you the uselessness you lack


Demici @ 20 April 2009 at 04:07



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