New life, New day, New way.

New life, New day, New way.


Laugh, enjoy your life.

Turn away all self made strife

Stand in love, strength and unity.

Let brother and sister hold each other

Walk together hand in hand

you will then see, ,now and be in the promised land.


It is not physical at this time

It is light, thought, hope.


Each individual who knows the love and power of God

Know this dream

For that is what it is at this time

Dream power

Mankind can allow it to manifest


Visit the Temples of light

Live In the now

Do not be swayed from your knowing

There are those who would hold back the progression

Of the human soul

They create fear put doubt in the mind ear.

Break the will of the weak.

Undermine the creative flow

Of unity

Begun by forefathers when they understood

Each man is a brother to every other

Each sister is a sister to every other

The growth of a human soul is the path we all seek.

It is the road less trodden


There are many who walk that road this day

They are young, strong and know the path they lead the way.

Many have found the way is blocked

The old ways of coping create an effective lock.

As we enter the new age with new ways

Of communicating, of meeting,

It is up to all to answer this new call

Sister and brother create new creed now culture

The soul is in its element there is no block to this enlightenment

Each is the same; love light is the name

We all must give to each other: in order this new life to live. 


Copy right Rosemary Sladden (Demici) @ 15 October 2009


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