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Will you won’t you?

Will you won’t you?


Will you won’t you?

Can you can’t you?

I sit


You agonize

Your choices beguile you

I try to stand in your shoe


What is the disturbance?

Where is the choice lance?

By which you can decide

And move on

I’ll wait and watch

By your side:


Don’t ask me what to do

The choice is up to you

Dear I understand

But this is your life in this land

So what ever you do

I’ll still be there for you.


Wrote this in Sept 2008 or Sept 2009

Copyright Demici (Rosemary Sladden)



When will the day come?

When will the day come?


When will the day come?

When all life can live in peace

When people of the world can live in the ray of the sun


When the stars fall form the sky

When you need no longer cry

When conflict ceases to be

Then can your spirit be free


Without opposites

Would see a difference

Without contracts

Would you a question ask


The journey you seek

Is to learn how to speak

With those who bring you joy

With the ones that play with the same toy


Or is it to learn

How to earn

An adversities trust

To turn away their lust


To set each other free

To learn to earn

To find our own way

To the path that brings us to a new day

And home at last.



Copyright Demici @ Friday 10 July 2009 at 13.06



Weep My Pretty One

Weep My Pretty One


Weep my pretty one

Weep no more

I opened my eyes

When they opened my door

I live beside you

Holding your hand

When you tell of this place

You’re Promised Land.

It is the way

To show life

Can stay

In the light of the world

In the song that is to be heard

When the battle of the world

Was first begun

When the battle of life

Was sung

You learnt

You grew

You knew

Love what the light

Love is the light

True love wins the fight

Life is you

Your world light is unionship

Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers,

Living together in unity

No creed, or tension, pressure or greed

Is the thought that sews future humanities seed.

Hold on to your love

Let it grow bright

So you can lead others into the light.



Copy right Rosemary Sladden (Demici) @ 30 July 2009



The way we are.



The way we are.


My name is I want I want

my game is always change

I hold your heart so tightly

and treat your life so lightly


Your mind is my mind

your way is my way

stillness is unkind

recklessness you unwind.


Show us the way you say

Take me to the promised place

and I show you the race

where we keep the ace


you and I can always renew

those things we need so true

by and by life will be empty

for I will have left you






You see I cannot be true

to those who do not want and want

they tranquillity seek

So bye my friend our pact must end

Life has made you see

The falsehood that is me.


I want I want

the thrill of new and always new

of uselessness and uselessness

I know we once found

but you don’t want me around

for I spent every pound.


My name is I want I want

and you are my star

scratch your scar

so I’ll be back

I’ll show you the uselessness you lack


Demici @ 20 April 2009 at 04:07



The Flight of the being healing


The Flight of the being healing



Hold your fingers to my frame

Know I my illness cannot name

Dance the lightening conductor

Acting like a conduit

Lift my mind and illness kind


Feel the tide of love sweep through

Is it all coming straight to you

I surrender all my being

So your healing takes my swelling

Holds my soul

And makes me whole


I can feel the love

Come dance with me

I can feel the love

Come be with me

As we fly

We two are free



Copy right Demici @ 13 July 2009 at 22:10





Seagulls fly

In the early morning sky


Empty of tramping feet


Swoop and wheal

Swoop and wheal

Graceful  glide

Each other chide

Black heads

Glider body torso


Donna kebab, chip, pitas

Street  flag stones adorn

Linger s

Last night’s revelry

Show the modern heraldry 

Of Take away rivalry


Swoop peck

Wheal back

Majestic in early morning sun

Clear blue sky

Seagulls fly



Copy right Rosemary Sladden @Saturday, 09 May 2009 at 5:07:19 PM





New life, New day, New way.

New life, New day, New way.


Laugh, enjoy your life.

Turn away all self made strife

Stand in love, strength and unity.

Let brother and sister hold each other

Walk together hand in hand

you will then see, ,now and be in the promised land.


It is not physical at this time

It is light, thought, hope.


Each individual who knows the love and power of God

Know this dream

For that is what it is at this time

Dream power

Mankind can allow it to manifest


Visit the Temples of light

Live In the now

Do not be swayed from your knowing

There are those who would hold back the progression

Of the human soul

They create fear put doubt in the mind ear.

Break the will of the weak.

Undermine the creative flow

Of unity

Begun by forefathers when they understood

Each man is a brother to every other

Each sister is a sister to every other

The growth of a human soul is the path we all seek.

It is the road less trodden


There are many who walk that road this day

They are young, strong and know the path they lead the way.

Many have found the way is blocked

The old ways of coping create an effective lock.

As we enter the new age with new ways

Of communicating, of meeting,

It is up to all to answer this new call

Sister and brother create new creed now culture

The soul is in its element there is no block to this enlightenment

Each is the same; love light is the name

We all must give to each other: in order this new life to live. 


Copy right Rosemary Sladden (Demici) @ 15 October 2009