Be who you are.

Be who you are.

Sit In the light of the moon we send you peace, in the light of the stars we send you joy, in the light of the sun we send you strength and from our sister the earth we send you the love of life that she provides. Look for the signs and thank the universe for her/his love. Never forget you are the ones who were chosen to exist as human form in this time and space. Walk in acceptance of self as you have the right to this life to make it as you choose and to grow in understanding. Peace be with you and with all who come into your life.

The healing angels.

copy right @ Demici  7 April 2015.

What is Disability

What is disability?

A state of mind

A place where people can be unkind

Where nature and nurture forget to communicate

Where one or other forgets to close the gate

And where paths divide

Unkind word chide

Many do not know the way

To the others kind of day

To see the hobbled body where boundaries abound

Shows how to make that friendship sound

There are other ways

To behold disabilities gaze

In the eyes and in the tongue that make unanswerable phrase

OH my please dry your eye.

I am my own disability and all I need is your ability

To hold my hand and understand

I am me

The one like you who is free.

Mind cannot behold

Something that is or is not bold

Mind cannot know

Each path that others have to go

Yet My mind

Is me

Oh can’t you see

I am like you free

Yet my mind holds me fettered

I am so shattered

With invisibilities cloak

I am not just a piece of coke

To be burnt and tossed away

Yes my friend I am here to stay

I do not know I do not fit in

Is that such a sin

To want to belong

To sing with you our summer song

Do not judge my state of mind

Just hold out your hand to me be kind

Copyright @ Demici 31 March 2015.

stay with me

Stay with me I see the trees

I hear the meadow call

Stay with me stay with me


Walking the lake in the forest of green

Come stay with me stay with me


Hold my hand in yours.

Stay with me come stay with me


All I need is here.

Stay with me stay with me

And take away my fear

Meditation Stop Breath accept.

The sound file below is one that will take about 20 minutes of your time.

Please Find a quiet time where you will not be disturbed.  Listen to the music and then just know as you relax that all will be taken care of.

Know that you are loved, know that you are connected, know that the one thing that is for certain is that you must let go of the things you think will happen.

It will not happen the way  you imagine it!  In fact if you stop dreading and predicting you will be surprised by the way things turn out.

We do not ask you to take the easy way.  That is not your path.  For if we tell you to do the easy thing you will continue to store up worry about, and feel all that is not what it is!  This is because what is does not have an outcome yet!  It has not happened yet!  The situation is there for sure and it has potential to become anything.  If you send love to the event, (what ever it is) and not your mental perceived eventuality you give it the power to be.  So send pure love and light to that event so that the potential can become what it needs to be and you will be able to cope with that eventuality as it is part of your on going life path.  If you create the potential to become your dreaded, feared, outcome then what you get will be exactly that.

When something is in the now, your thoughts, your life, other people’s way and being, any situation.  It is playing at the speed that it has to.  Its outcome has not happened yet.  And neither has yours.  Thus this putting ‘stuff’ into a box confines it.  Then yes it has possibility to become what you perceive as it will be in your flow not its own flow.  Thus it hurts, causes its self to change in a way that is not as it should be.

The sound file below is to help  you relax and let go.  To let your self just be in the now the peace of time and space.  This then hands your concerns to the creator of all.  So as you accept with no expectations so you create a new path for the event and for your own soul.  This will  give yourself a new door.

Walk in love and light Demici

The Nature of Being

nature of being.


man walks this earth he walks in solitude

he lives in this peace of mind he walks in gratitude

When man speaks one to another he finds his sister/brother

the world turns he yearns

he yearns he learns

he learns the soul grows

the universe knows

love flows

Copyright @  17/07/2011 during the
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Clearing an empath of sticky energy

When you are clearing an empath of sticky energy.

You have to remember empaths are empaths because they feel the world through their aura and they need your help as a healer because they have either over filled their aura with the junk of the world and they can’t or have not disposed of it naturally as they are programmed to do.  Or they have mentally/spiritually let the junk into their own being so that they register it as debilitating in some way.  Or they have expanded their aura out so far they have difficulty bring it in.

To clear the junk from your own or someone else’s Aura follow this short exercise till the energy is flowing free and easy.

Feel the downward flow of the universal energy and the upwards flow of mother earth energy flowing in you and around you.  If you see the energy and you see colours watch the colours and feel how they impact on you.

  1. First red flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura.
  2. Second orange again flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch till it has joined the red energy
  3. Third yellow flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch  till it has joined the red and orange energy
  4. Forth green flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch till it has joined the red, orange and yellow energy.
  5. Fifth blue flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch till it has joined the red, orange, yellow and green energy.
  6. Sixth indigo flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch till it has joined the red, orange, yellow, green and blue energy.
  7. Seventh violet flowing and meeting every cell in your body and every particle in your aura. Watch till it has joined the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo energy.

While you watch and feel you will have noticed that the colours were deep near the body and lighter towards the outer edges of the aura, you will have seen every shade of each colour during this exercise this is natural and the way it should be.

Now see the clear light of the universe and the warm deep rich colours of the earth meeting above the head, forming a shower that contains all the elements of all the colours of the rain bow and your chakras.  Let it rain over you and wash away all gunk.  Watch as a river of dark sticky substance flows from your feet into a pool of energy that is absorbed by mother earth.  Watch and keep this flow till all that dark sticky thick energy has flowed away into the earth.

Now you should feel lighter and easier in your mind and body.

As the energy shower slows its flow and the deep colour stops leaving you.  It is time to pull your aura in.  How you do this is to just think aura in to no more than 6 inches around me.  You will see a bubble of light of all the colours of the rain bow form around you.  Now just let your mind know you are fully grounded and clear of all that is not yours.

This energy can be done at the end of every day.

  1. When you return home from a place where you felt uncomfortable.
  2. After you have had any sad news or an argument with someone.
  3. When you have had a visitor in the house who has left their energy or part of it in your aura.

Thank you for listening and I do so hope this exercise is useful to you.

Love and light Demici

Copy right @ Demici June 8th 2015.

Connecting to the universal life force energy and connecting to the ground energy to strengthen your own energy.

In this exercise we will consciously connect to our cord of life.

This cord is constantly there and always has been but until you opened up to using the energy in the way you use it.  Only your spirit self knew it was there and it fed your mental self which passed the energy to your physical self at the full unconscious level of your being.

Ok make sure you will not be disturbed and that you have plenty of time to follow these instructions.  Have a drink of water handy and do not lie down to do this exercise.

In your mind reach up to the middle of the universe and find a star there with a pulsating energy that feels very very familiar to you.

Now pull that energy down into your whole being and let it flush out any and all pain and unneeded energy.  Feel this universal energy feeding every cell in your body as it goes down into the middle of the Earth.

At the same time let your feet send out roots like tree roots to the crystal that is the middle of the earth.  The light energy from the universe will follow down to this crystal and remove all pain and unwanted energy as it moves in this way.

Now feel the energy from the crystal that is the middle of the earth as it flow up your legs and your body following the same path that the universal energy took on its way down.  The earth energy also clears and feed every cell in your body giving you a feeling of being warm and safe and full of love and light.

Now watch this earth energy flow up to the star where the universal energy is coming from. Watch the two energies flow like the DNA string making a rope structure that consist of the two energies twisted together.  They will look and feel like a very fat cable.

Now see yourself being absorbed into this very wide cable of light.  You are inside this energy and it is flowing clearing and feeding you with the love that only can come from these two energies connecting you to the Universe and to the Earth.

Now feel a shower of energy washing your aura and clearing all that is not yours,

filling you with light and balance.

As you watch you become a bead on this light rope/cable/string.  You can now slide up and down this cable of light till you feel balanced, safe, loved and grounded.  At the same time you feel your own physical energy being connected to your own light energy.  Know you are now connected to the earth and the universe and this is permeant.  To open up and work as you do you can slide up this energy conductor.  To close down you can slide down this energy conductor till you feel balanced and connected to your physical life. Take your time doing this it will take several times for you to get the full feeling of being balanced. This is because each and every one of us vibrates at a different frequency so you have to find your own balance.  Please play with sliding up and down till you are happy with the way you feel.

There are more of these types of exercise to follow.

Look for-:

  1. the tap for working with guides and angels
  2. the tap for clearing energy and controlling pain

Love and light Demici

copyright @ Demici 6 June 2015


De-cording from another person.

Cording and De-cording from a person or a thing.

If you find yourself very, very tired and cannot find a physical reason for this.  If you have grounded and bubbled and centred yourself and if you have eaten and slept properly then there may be a cord or cable attached to your aura and the energy that you are exchanging with the person on the other end is using your kinetic energy rather than Universal energy to aid the other person.

In this exercise we will find the

  1. cable of light that is our life line and needs to be left alone.
  2. Any cables of light that are attached to another person
  3. Build a connection to the earth and the universe
  4. Remove the cable connected to your aura
  5. Place this other person in the connection that you built
  6. Leave them in the hands of the angels so that they can be fully helped to have their own energy.
  7. Refill your own energy.

Look around or feel around your aura.

See the bright light that is a cable connecting you to the universe and the earth.  This cable is very bright and full of life and is the cord of life that runs through all your chakras.

Now to find if you are corded to another person look and feel for another cord much like the life line but it is much duller and can be attached anywhere in your aura.  Above your head under your feet anywhere but mostly will be in the heart sola plexus area of your being at the front or the back.

Once you have found this cord you can follow it to find out who is on the other end or you can just follow the instructions below.

Imagine a pillar of light, it can be as large as you like.  This pillar goes from the centre of the universe to the centre of the earth.

Now take a pair of golden scissors and cut the cord/cable as close to your being as possible.

Put an electric plug onto the end of the cord that is connected to the other being.

Then plunge it into the white light pillar.

Watch the pillar move over the person and encase them in the love that it holds.  This pillar is now sending the energy they thought they needed from you.  But at a level that is best for their whole being.

Watch as the Angel of love takes over the care of this person and say thank you.  Then let go.


Thank you for caring love and light Demici.

copyright (Rosemary Sladden)  Demici @ 20 May 2015

making an energy ball to re-energise yourself

In this video I show you how to feel the aura, make an energy ball and then use it to rebalance your aura.

I hope you enjoy it and it is of some use to you.  Love and light Demici

First Meditation

hi I hope you like this short meditation.  If you practice this every day for no more than 10 minutes a day you will have begun your meditation practice.  Many people find it very difficult to just sit still this meditation is designed to  help you sit still and just be.  Love and light Demici

Christmas aftermath.

When the rattle of paper bags is over
choices made since October.
when the presents are all lined up
when you find some time to rest.
then remember why
remember the I
remember the love
that braught you to this place
then let the pain of the christmas race
fall into it’s rightful place.

When the arguments of greed
begin to succeed
make you feel like an unwanted weed
take stock
of all you have got
when expectations cannot be met
just know you have the greaest of presents yet
to give and to share
from the arms of a rocking chair.
Remember the I
remember the love
then see the tears you cry
are not made from any loving heart
but from where life is pulled apart
remember greed comes from those who fain they care
they will not attend your rocking chair
when you have done all you can
and cannot meet the needs of man
then turn to love and grow
in peace then you will know.
you are the I
no more tears escape the eye
for love is all
you answered the call.

Demici copyright @ ‎16 ‎December ‎2012 04:26:42 PM