The Nature of Being

nature of being.


man walks this earth he walks in solitude

he lives in this peace of mind he walks in gratitude

When man speaks one to another he finds his sister/brother

the world turns he yearns

he yearns he learns

he learns the soul grows

the universe knows

love flows


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Meditation to meet healing guide and visit the healing temple


Some things you need to do before you start.


  1. find some music you can do this meditation to.  I used                                                                                                   

  2. Get some water to sip when you get back from your meditation.

  3. set a time when you will not be disturbed

  4. turn off all other mind distractions

So to begin make sure you are comfortable and sitting in a chair where you can put your feet on the floor.

Ok, feet on the floor and just let the music fill you with love.

Reach your feet into the ground and let them go to the middle of the earth.

Now pull the earth energy up into you, as you reach out to the universe and pull the light from the moon the sun and the stars down to join the ground energy that is flowing all around you and inside you.

Now you see them forming a string of light going up and coming down.

These strings of light twist together and forms what looks like the DNA string.

As you feel this energy flowing let it go to all parts of you, inside and out into your aura.

Let all fear pain hurt and worry fall away from you as you don’t need this negative energy anymore.

The negative feelings are lifted and now as you feel this joy you feel safe and well and whole.

Now you find yourself in your garden.

You can go there via the healing room or via any other way you know.

Here in this place it is a beautiful day.  The sun is shining and there is a small breeze flowing.

It is warm but not hot.

The trees seem to talk to you as you watch the bees and butterflies go from one flower to another.

You can almost hear them talking to each other.

As you watch you hear the sound of water.  You go towards it.

Your guide is standing by the stream that runs through this garden and he/she holds out their hand to you.

As you touch their hand you feel the joy that is in them and you feel the healing that they give you.

Sit for a while and ask your question of this guide, ask them how you work with them, what they need you to do to help yourself with your own health.

Don’t worry you will remember what they said.


Now you go to the mountain of light and healing.

You walk with your guide to the garden gate and enter the path where many pilgrims walk.

All are chattering and all are enjoying the journey.  This is a journey like no other.

There is peace and love coming from everyone and a kind of excitement.  You know some of the people here and join up with old friends.

As you go downhill you can see the world open out in front of you.

You watch a great white light of love, flowing across the world.

It lights all dark places.  Watch for a while; feel the wonder that is building up in you as you know this light is clearing all disease and negative energy bringing balance in all things.

As you get to the bottom of the hill you find a bridge that crosses a small stream.

You cross the bridge and watch the flow of the water.  Is it flowing slow or fast, is it deep or shallow?

Take notice of it.

Now you enter a wood.

Here the light comes in dappled form, as it passes through the trees.

On the floor of the wood are many small animals and woodland flowers.

The animals join the pilgrims and the plants seem to turn their heads to you as you pass.

Give them a thought of joy.

Now you come out to a great grassy bank that is part of a great valley with a lake in the bottom.

You can walk or swim up this lake. You reach a waterfall at the head of the valley.

The waterfall has a staircase behind it.

Go up the staircase and take the flask from the guide at the top.

Drink the water of life then walk through the crystal archway.

Feel the energy of the crystals, as you enter the hall of light.

There are many angels here all tending to the sick and lost.

You are given a slate to write the names of all those you know who need healing.

As you give this list to the angels they put them in the fire of ever living flame of love and healing.

You can watch the light lines going out across the world and you receive that healing too.

Now it is time to come back through the crystal archway.

Feel the energy of the crystals is it different?  Notice that it feels more beautiful than it did as you went through the archway.

You go back to the guide who looks after the water of the waterfall.  He gives you a flask to bring back with you.  Now you can drink this water any time you need to during your weeks of not coming to this place.

But you can come to this place any time you want to.

All you need is to think it and you will be here.

As you go down the staircase behind the water fall you see all the animals of the world drinking the water from the lake.

They are all standing with their heads bowed and all letting each other in.  You understand you are watching true harmony.  Now as you reach the lake they all go back to the edges of the valley.

You walk or swim the lake to the place you came into the valley

You walk back through the wood and you cross the bridge look at the way the stream is flowing now.  Is it different?

As you walk up the hill you find your way to your garden, your guide comes with you.

You say good bye. But know you will meet again when it is right for you to do so.

Your guide comes with you to the place where you met then you say good bye but know you will meet again when it is right for you to do so.

Now you come back to your physical self and your world.

You find yourself slowly back in your body rested and feeling more energy than you did before.


Love and light Demici.





Copyright @ Demici 12 October 2014


I climbed the mountain and saw the way

I sat in the forest alone and lost the way

I wandered alone in the forest of fear

Then you came to show me you were near

My guides my protectors my friends from the world

You showed me that I my life can tell

Yet all of my gifts I want to grow

And you came to show me that you know

So now that the way is open again

I can grow without pain.


I sat in the stars and moon and puppies were born too soon

Then I stood in the light of the stars and the moon

When came the wolves guide and to hold your hand

They are there to lead you along the path to your promised land.

To show you your way and bring in the joy as you play

Protected you are and protected you’ll be

So now my dear child you can run and fly free.


Message from the guides 14 April 2014 at 22:16 .


Remember the day when the meadow sang

Remember the day we danced by the mill

Remember the way to say I love you still

When the stars shine you will be mine

When the wind blows you always know

I am here by your side in the dead of the night

When your mind is in turmoil you are full of fright

It is only my wanting to be with you my dear

I’m only a wish away so wipe your tear

Come to the meadow and sit by the mill

Listen to the song of the cuckoo over the hill

Sit in the old wooden rocking chair

And know that I am always there.

Hold a fancy in your mind

Create what is there and unwind

Walk in your heart at the end of the day

Then my child you have found your way


A channelled poem that was finished off today 14/04/2014  At 02:20

Copyright @ Demici.  14/04/2014  At 02:20

Judge Self.

Judge self not others.

Dream a dream

Dare to win

Know yourself

Let you off the shelf

Dream to be

Dare to see

The human beauty of the one called me

Wish the wish

Let the time release the myth

For when the link is made

The is no price to be paid

When you walk in love

Your will stands as your guide

When you walk in fear

Others in their grip hold you near

So all the world contracts

To their chilling blasts

Take heed and live your life under your own seed

Demici@ Wednesday, 23 November 2011 at 14:19

We Are All mediums in one way or another.

Hi my family spirit people in this world.  Spirit wants us to know that there are many different kinds of mediums. What makes us a medium is the link to the listening and passing on the love that spirit share with us in all its many form.  That is a medium.  Someone who works for and with spirit weather they know it or not!

Some of the most important mediums who have given spirit’s message to the world and enable human growth in all its developments, are people who would never ever call themselves a medium.   But they were influenced by spirit and listened in their own way.  It was the idea that came from nowhere, the accidental discovery of methods of production, or mixtures of elements to create and make new or different out of familiar.  The careful eye that saw more and aided the development of ideas that came from the questions that rose up in the minds.  All these were influenced by spirit, either the persons own spirit fuelled by inner knowledge or spirits who’s communication from the next world was listened to and acted upon.  In this way they were mediums as a medium is someone who is a link between the spirit world and this one.

There are many ways people do this.  What about Florence Nightingale? What made her so special and made her regiment cleanliness in the war zone hospital?  The scientists James Watson and Professor Frances Crick  who along with Dr Rosalind Franklin and Professor Maurice Wilkins, discovered the DNA structure and opened the door to our new understanding of how to find out about life, how it is made and why we get life.

Then what about Stephen Hawkins who has opened our thought to the infinite, and helps us ask the right questions, so that we can now see the makeup of the universe.  He also showed the world that our mind is a wonderful instrument and can be housed in all kinds of physical structures so why are we still writing off children who have different ways of thinking?  This opens our understanding to the possible fact that we each have a purpose in life and the physical or mental capacity to perform our tasks in this world.  Are they not mediums? People who are influenced by spirit because they have an open accepting mind?  Or what about the Right Brothers or Stephenson who built the Rocket and the first railway line between Middlesbrough and Stockton.  Their inventions lead to the growth of mass movement over distance of the human.  So that towns can link up and trade and share information and ways of living.

Then there are newer people who have been and are the peace makers of the world, like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela and Sister Teresa who taught acceptance of each other.  Then there is Mo Molan who showed the people involved in the Irish struggle, that if they built peace in the form of accepting everyone has different points of view and that if they accepted this they could live together in peace without taking away from the other.  She along with other like-minded people was able to help bring an end to that conflict.  All these leaders were able to show humanity that it is important to be open minded and not see things from the negative all the time.

Then what about the small people you find in your own town?  They set up something that aids all the people in your town?   Where do you think they get their help from?  Yes you got it from spirit, ‘From spirit, through spirit to spirit!’

These people all had open minds that were led by their spirit self and spirit from the next world, who drop ideas into active open minds.  These thoughts observations are used in a way that help ourselves and then help others.  So you see we are all mediums in our own way.

Not all are working on the platform or as healers or anything except being a version of the old man who sits outside the market and has a word of wisdom for the young man or woman who is not coping very well.  They give a smile and their time.

So my family brothers and sisters of spirit who work with spirit you are all mediums.  As you open up to love and light and to the fact that there is more than you will ever know in this lifetime.  Open up to this great wondrous place we call the world.  Rejoice that you are first and foremost spirit in a human body and you exist and cannot die.  Then live in that knowledge.  Accept the spirit you, that gave this body of yours life and will guide this mind of yours to be you.  Accept this thought as your right to be who you are.  Then go with what is you and let the future unfold like a wonderful story that is your life.

Love and light Demici

Conflict and Disagreement

Conflict and Disagreement happen all the time sometimes we see the result coming and sometimes we don’t. Without conflict and disagreement how do we find out what is hurtful how do we learn what others may not like?

The world is made up of many different colours of needs, wants, expectations, ways of being and thinking. So many types of ordering things for so many people is a miracle of juggling and rubbing shoulders with all kinds of people. So how has mankind got this far? I hear you asking.

Well my friend; it has taken to now, to achieve openness on a global scale. The need for fences, walls, boarders, caused by lack of mobility and knowledge of a greater world then the one that the individual knows, caused a form of isolation. This meant that people were able to build their mode of interaction with their locality based fellow man. Think about it; before the twentieth century travel to other groups of people was only afforded to a very few people. So there was a distinct lack of knowledge that there may be other ways to look at life and experiences, there may be other ways to order how you do things and how you set societies life goals for living harmoniously together. The majority of people stayed in the same area, same village and even the same street. So to mix all the colours of experience that are built out of conflict and disagreement these isolated societies built their own rules for living. These rules for living are now the sources of conflict and missunderstandings that become the buliding blocks for new experiences gained from discourse with other people, who are not of the same understanding, same social standards and do not hold the same expectation of life goals and so the circle turns.
As life has always ordered its self around the needs of the group. As the world opens up and people mix with other people who are of like minds but of another social ordered group conflict will occur. Beliefs, life rules to survive and understandings or how to look at something will cause questions, arguments, miss understandings and so disagreements and conflict. In the individuals at first and in the wider levels of society in the longer term until new ways of looking at things can be found. Once these new ways of looking at things to see that each individual is looking at exactly the same thing and that it is the semantics of the colours that are causing the conflict and disagreement. Once this has been understood new orders, new ideas, new ways of looking at things can be agreed upon. Unfortunately as this new order emerges rules are prescribed for this new way of seeing things. In the setting of the new rules one makes experiences valid, one gives a name and a legitimation to the idea and so leads the way to new conflict and disagreement that will follow as new ways and experiances enter the expaeriances of the individual. So the circle turns once more.
Some call this anarchy others call it the rise of the phoenix. I call it growth of the individual in the form of grace.
Ok what is grace?
Grace is a little girl who never washed her face.
She grew out of patience
Patience is the doorway to achievement.
As my father used to always say:-
Patience is a virtue,
Virtue is a grace
And grace is a little girl who never washed her face.

Become grace dear friend. Give honour and love to those who bring you conflict bless them know that they give you the new knowledge that you need to be able to look at their vision their semantics and then see where these meet your own. In this you can see that the path you both walk is the same in the same direction and with this new purpose grow.
Then you can stop the conflict so you can build a new understanding and then pass them on to the rest of your fellow humans. We grow out of the minority in knowledge and as that knowledge is assimilated it becomes a truth. This truth grows as it is passed from one to another in this way we become the majority. In this majority one must remember to let go of the dogma and the rules that no longer fit but take the best of what we know into the new assimilation without annihilating self or society.
I leave you with this thought my friends feel free to argue this is how we grow just drop the conflict.
Love and light

Fly the Kite

Fly the kite set the sail

Know that all you do goes well

Find the market set the stall

Open your mind and answer the call

When the winds blow in your favour

All that is you will find a flavour

Peaches apple tart sun set oranges and jam tart

For my darling I love you and I watch all day through

When you have some tale to tell

I sit and listen by the wishing well

All my love goes in your pot

And all I have is what you have got.

The elephants eye is as high as the sky

all that he sees is all that there is

all that you need is in your own hand

so stand and survey your own land

love and light  12 January 2013 at 06:29am